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    Maintenance departments count on our fast service and complete inventory. Search for your product by
part number or manufacturer

   Small to medium OEMs use our mechanical assembly services to save time, money and overhead. Why not let us quote on your needs?


  We are a broad-line distributor of: power rectifiers, thyristors (SCRs), diodes, transistors, mosfets, IGBTs, ICs and voltage regulators. We stock Toshiba, Westcode, Fuji, Semikron, Crydom, eupec, IR, Powerex and more.

     With a combined experience in power semis of over 60 years, we are your one source for all major product lines. Do you need a diode, SCR, mosfet, IGBT, IC or voltage regulator? Chances are we have it or an exact replacement in stock today.

    We'll ship same day from stock. Over 90% of items requested are in stock and we'll ship same day for orders received by 3 PM (ET).


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