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  • ABB
  • Crydom
  • Eupec
  • Fuji Electric
  • Hutson
  • Infineon
  • Internation Rectifier
  • IXYS
  • Microsemi
  • MOSPEC Semiconductor
  • Powerex
  • Rectron
  • SanRex
  • SemiKron
  • Silicon Power
  • Toshiba
  • Westcode



MISC refers to the many other components that we stock and may include anything from solid state relays, switches, resistors, capacitors, fuses, MOVs, bus bars, heat sinks or connectors.

Part Numbers

000-000-000 .022J250MMKO .022K250MMKO 0451005.MRL 747540220 08-1308-22 1-745967-6 1-747299-4 1.072MHZ 1.5K15A 1.5KE110CA 1.5KE120CA 1.5KE12A 1.5KE15A 1.5KE16A 1.5KE170A 1.5KE200A 1.5KE200CA 1.5KE220A 1.5KE220CA 1.5KE24A 1.5KE250 1.5KE250A 1.5KE250A 1.5KE27CA 1.5KE300A 1.5KE30A 1.5KE30CA 1.5KE33A 1.5KE36CA 1.5KE39A 1.5KE39CA 1.5KE39CA 1.5KE39CA 1.5KE39CA 1.5KE400 1.5KE400A 1.5KE47CA 1.5KE47CA 1.5KE51C 1.5KE6.8A 1.5KE6.8A 1.5KE6.8A 1.5KE6.8A 1.5KE6.8A 1.5KE6.8A 1.5KE6.8CA 1.5KE62A 1.5KE82CA 1011 104652-3 104652-7 104652-8 104655-4 104655-9 10A1-102G 10AE75 10P9R100K 110-93-324-41-105000 12AT7/ECC81 12AU6 12AX7A 12B4A 12B4A 130-1 130-2 130-A 130-C 130-J 130-J 132-10G 132-4.5G 139-2 139-5E 144-2 144-C 144-C 144-D 144-D 146130-3 146130-4 1473005-4 150D226X9035R2 150D334X9035A2T 154ANS-T1005Z 1575-1C-6D 160EET 175-2.25B 1761604-7 1814640-8 1840331-1 192P10292 192P1049R8 192P224X9200 1990-0307 199D225X0025A1V1 1XF0075-HO 2-767004-2 209-7LPST 209-7LPST 209-7LPST 20J20K 20J50R 213-068-001 21J1RO 2201-V 2.22212E+11 224.500 LITT 23J5R0 24Z4687 2542S-10TW 25J12K 26-60-4070 26-60-4070 2600-10PST 285--195 290-2AB 290-2AP 292336-1 2AG-1/2A 30095100 303M 3057Y-1-202 3059J-1-203 3099P-1-201 310-90-120-00 31804600 31823300 31947900 3266W-1-102 3299W-1-101 3299W-1-203 3299W-1-502 3299W-102 3299W-202 3299X-1-504 332PN-T1028Z 3362R-1-103 3362X-1-203 350035GS 36DE193G060BC2A 39-29-9166 3AE10 3ED1 3EJS8 3EQ1 3U50PB18G1K1T 4-141 4.00MHZ 400YXA4R7MPH2 40ED104 4108R-001-471 4114R-001-471 4116R-001-472 4116R-1-101 4116R-1-560 421K 43045-1418 4306R-101-471 4306R-101-472 4308R-101-471 4308R-102-221 4310R-101-103 4310R-101-104 4310R-101-221 4310R-101-223 4310R-101-331 4310R-101-332 4310R-101-472 435802-1 435802-1 43650-0324 43J100 43LQ106 43LQ477 43LQ827 4416P-002-103 4416P-002-472 441K 4420P-003-221/331 4506-5048-02 4606X-1-123 4606X-101-103 465K 4816P-T01-101 4816P-T01-330 4820P-002-103 5-179009-5 5080-4512 5082-2836 50R481D 50W1%1100HM 50W1%2000HM 50W1%750HM 515D338M025EN6A 536279-6 53D101F400JL6 53D151F400JS6 553-0232 5651 5651A 568-0704-444 568-0704-444F 569564-1 597-2311-407 600D387A1 601053-92 601053-93 6063B 6086344-1 6133762-1 6134346-2 6135787-1 6298B-P2 637-10ABP 641-A 6412 641K 642-35ABT5 642-45ABT3 657-10ABP 65R4.7K/4.7K 68A7636P12A 69394-068 6AL5 6AN8A 6AN8A 6AN8HD 6AU6 6AU6A 6BW4 6CG7 6EJS1 705-55-0079 70AAJ-6-MO 735P205X9400L 740059-1002 74029-6998 74030-9972 74058-1002 74075-0174 74075-0174 742C163104JTR 74744-0220 74754-0220 753-0000-033 761-3-R33 76165-1328 76165-7308 766163203G 767054-1 767175-8 7703402TA 770972-1 77820 78211-1044 782121001 8104 821977-1 822029-3 822039-3 822065-4 822066-4 822067-2 824-AG11SM 87832-2020 87919-0011 88-52 898-1-R10K 898-1-R4.7K 898-1-R470 898-3-R22 899-3-R100 899-3-R33 899-3-R330 91ED101 9210-68 9210-76 9230-84 9250-102 9250-153 9250-156 9250-275 9250-332 9250-472 9250-682 9250-683 9310-40 950B1C105K(LA7C105K) 950B1C474J 950D1C505K 972363-1 972363-1 A119ANS-T1036Z A119ANS-T1037Z A350/10 A50F200 A7BRS-T1040Z A87-2 ACM1601C-RN-TTS ADP05S AFBR-5705PZ AG722-00025 AL-50 .05 OHM 1% 1250V AL-50 150 OHM1% 1250V AL-50.3 OHM 3% B39358-X6984-M100 BD07 BD120M12H-AWS BN154E0105KEN BP01YE BQ4011YMA-150 BTKANS-9449HM BTKXNS-T1050Z C330C153J1G5CA C340C473J C350EX23 CEDSM1C102M CK05BX223K CK05BX472J CK06BX474K CK12BX100K CK12BX470K CL-40 CL-80 CLP-110-02-L-D-PA CM05CD050D03 CM05ED200J03 CM05ED470J03 CM05FD151J03 CMK450B19M CMK450S56M CMSH3-20 CMX60D10 CN15A101J CN15A151K CP6C30AA CSNE151-006 CTS206-6 CTS5A-CB3-14.31818 CW15C332K CW5-10-5% D100D20C0GL63L6 D2402 D2425 D38999/20WF35PA D38999/26WF35SA D4825 D4850C DA3F3-1 DCMX304U016CC2B DF36912GFHV DF62J12S2APQF DMP6202A DP-713 DS-109 DS-313 DS450-3 EA2-5 EB-188-5 ECE-A2EU470 ECE-P2EA472HX ECE-S1VU153U ECG406 ECH-U1H121GB5 ECH-U1H272GB5 ECJ-3YB1C106M ECO-S2WB471EA ECQ-474K63VDC ECQ-E105K250VDC ECQ-E2104KB ECQ-E2105KF ECQ-E474K400VDC ECQ-P1H123GZ ECQ-P1H153GZ ECU-S1H104MEA ECU-S1H105MEB EEJ-L1AD107R EEU-EB2E470 EEU-EB2V470 EEU-FC1E152 EEU-FC1H221 EEUFC1H102 EJC #2 ERG1SJ101 ERG1SJ202 ERG3SJ333 ERJ-L14KF33MO ERZC07DK391U ESMG350ELL471MJ16S F-90X F2434-ND FHL17G2 FRN-R5 FRS-R-300 FVT-50 25 ohm GKG10021 H1012 H1102T HC-49/U-11.0592-18 HC-49/U-4.000MHZ HFBR-1315M HFBR1312T HFBR2316T HFBR5205 HLMP-2685 HLMP-DJ17 HLMP3400 HLMP3502 HMPP-3892 HPA150R HRMA-0270B HS3679-45.000MHZ HXTR-3645 HXTR-5103 HXTR-7111 IDH-10PK1-S3-TG IDH-20PK1-S3-TG IDH-26PK1-SR3TG IDH-34PK1-S3-TG IHA-102 IHD-3-10000 IHLP-2525CZ-01-0.47UH IHLP-2525CZ-01-1.0UH IHLP5050CERZLROMO1 IP1202TR ISC1069 ISC1072 J110 J250 JTXM19500/52102CEJG K22-0270 K22-0311 K31-E9P-N K33-106 KC5000 .05olm 1% KR-5R5H155-R KX1000M KX5000M L052C391J2G5CA L50J25R L9B LA305-S LL-5000 LL1608-F1N2S LPH-16V103MS1 LVR-3 OR05 1% M27/286-04 M27/287-02 M27/288-04 M39003/01-2374J M39003/01-2963 M39003/10-2043SJ M390142-1350 M39029/48-322 M4 X 10 M470T6554EZ3-CE6 M6 X 15 M81714/60-12-02 M8340103K1000JA M8340103M-1501JB M8340109K4751FC MA4P119-2 MCRH25V227M8X11 MDLS20464C-LV-G-LED04G MDLS20464K-LV-G-LED04G MDP1403-391G MKP1841347255-M MKT1813510014 MP143-14.31818 MPX2051D MQ500 MS244-6.40MEG MS3102A-14S-6S MSA-0520 MSS1260-103MX MTMS-130-58-G-S-485 MV5352 MV5752 MV9001 MX045-16MHZ MX045HS-14.318 MX045HS-1MHZ MX045HS-3.6864MHZ MX045HS-4.0000 MX045HS-40.000 MX045HS-50MHZ MX045HS-5MHZ NCD100J100NP0 NCP1207DR2 NCR427 NLSV1T34DF NME0505SC NRSS2R2M50V5X11F NTACT1200/16 NTACT250/12 NTE432 NYP120-2012.000000 P510L40 PAC007A PC28F512M29EWLA PCB-1291-003 PCIC16W7F9300D1/AA PCS-084A-1 PDC-10-1 PF0030 PHE450MB5680JR06-R1 PHE450PD6100JR06L2 PKB4318PIOBNB PLCC-28P-T PLCC-44P-T PLCCB-052-PS-T PLP-150 PLP-21.4 PLP-70 PO300SARPCT PPA-1021 PRIME 15005AB PT4171S PT78HT233S PTH03000WAS QMSA-0501 QT6HC9-1.000KHZ R470G23P2GHWCAP RER75F12R4R RFA125 RFA250 RFA30 RG1780-6 RG1988-1 RH-50 200 OHM 1% RH-50 50W.05OHM1% RH-500.2 OHM 3% RJR24FW104P RLR32C20ROGR RMC 500 50W 150 OHM 1% RMC 500 50W 65OHM 1% RMC-500 RMS-5LH RN55C3650F RN60H6981FS RNC50H4022FS RNC60H5621FS RNC70H10ROFS RNR55C1431BS RNR55C1431DS RTC58321 RTH42ES2725 RWR84S30RIFR S1613B-66.0000T S472M39Z5UN63L6 S80730AL SFE4.5MBF SFE5.5MBF SG240 SK107MZ-AO-00 SKPT14B2.5 SM0-32-S6T SNR112KD20 SNR130K10 SNR250K20 SNR250K40 SNR320K40 SNRA250K4 SNRA300K4 SNRA320K40 SNRA420K40 SNRA470KD14 SNRA510K40 SNRD24M50 SSA-LXB10YW-RA SSF-LX4103ID SSF-LXH103GD STK795-518 STRF6656 T1-6T-X65 T3-180 T3-300M TA2410 TAAT140/12 TBH25P470ROJ TD2425 TD402 TFK-862S TLE4917 TLE5224G TMO-1-1T TPS4.5MB2 TPS5.5MB TR3E107K020C0150 TRR100/45 TS0505W3S TS0505W3S TSM-102-01-S-DV-TR TSM-105-01-SM-DH-P=TR TSM-105-01-SM-DV TSM-107-01-L-DV TSM-108-01-S-DH-P-TR TSM-117-01-SDH TVA1613 TX22/14/13-3E2A U862BS USTF120381155T (115 volt) UTO-210 UTO-554 V150L10A V150L20 V150LA20A V150LA20A V150LA20B V23838-S5-N1-BB V250LA20A V251BA60 V275PA40C V33ZA70 V36Z80 V420LA40B V480EH450 V480LA80B V480PA20A V481DB40 V50-14.45M V511DB40 V511HA40 V751DA40 V82Z12 VF75-3.579MHZ VF75-5.000MHZ VF900549-156.250MHZ VL1010K VTL5C4 X663F-.47md X6964M XWA4L37M-CB34 YAG-100A Z1000LA160B Z10L330 Z130LA10A Z150LA20A Z150LA5 Z250LA40A Z250PA40C Z275LA40A Z420EH6 Z480EH6 Z480PA80C Z575LA80A Z7L220 Z7L390 Z7L680 ZJY-2P