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  • ABB
  • Crydom
  • Eupec
  • Fuji Electric
  • Hutson
  • Infineon
  • Internation Rectifier
  • IXYS
  • Microsemi
  • MOSPEC Semiconductor
  • Powerex
  • Rectron
  • SanRex
  • SemiKron
  • Silicon Power
  • Toshiba
  • Westcode



A transistor is a semiconductor device used to amplify or switch electronic signals and electrical power. It is composed of semiconductor material usually with at least three terminals for connection to an external circuit. A voltage or current applied to one pair of the transistor's terminals controls the current through another pair of terminals. Because the controlled (output) power can be higher than the controlling (input) power, a transistor can amplify a signal. Today, some transistors are packaged individually, but many more are found embedded in integrated circuits.

The transistor is the fundamental building block of modern electronic devices, and is ubiquitous in modern electronic systems.

Most transistors are made from very pure silicon or germanium, but certain other semiconductor materials can also be used. A transistor may have only one kind of charge carrier, in a field effect transistor, or may have two kinds of charge carriers in bipolar junction transistor devices. Many types of transistors are made to standardized specifications by multiple manufacturers.

Part Numbers

163-20 1DI300MN-120 2DI100A-120 2DI100D-100 2DI150M-120 2DI150Z-120 2DI200D-100 2DI30D-050A 2DI50A-120 2DI50Z-120 2DI75D-100 2MI50S-050 2N105A 2N1100 2N1100 2N1121 2N1204A 2N1301 2N1301 2N1302 2N1304 2N1304 2N1304 2N1305 2N1306 2N1306 2N1358 2N1358A 2N1384 2N1479 2N1483 2N1486 2N1489 2N1540 2N1545 2N1596 2N1597 2N1605 2N1613 2N1711 2N1711 2N173 2N174 2N174 2N174 2N174 2N174 2N174 2N1754 2N1772 2N1794 2N1795 2N1798 2N1893 2N2081 2N2082 2N2102 2N2102 (OLD) 2N2156 2N2218 2N2219 2N2219A 2N2222 2N2222A 2N2222A(U) 2N2270 2N2270 2N2297 2N2322A 2N2369 2N2369 2N2369 2N2369 2N2369 2N2369 2N2369A 2N2405 2N242 2N2483 2N2484 2N2575 2N2608 2N2608 (TD) 2N2612 2N2612 2N2612 2N2646 2N2646 2N2646 2N2647 2N2658 2N2840 2N2857 2N2870 2N2880 2N2892 2N2904 2N2904A 2N2905 2N2905A 2N2905A 2N2906A 2N2907 2N2907 2N2907 2N2907A 2N2907A(U) 2N2913 2N301 2N3019 2N3019 2N3019(U) 2N3053 2N3053 2N3054 2N3054 2N3054 2N3054 2N3054A 2N3055 2N3055 2N3055 2N3055 2N3055 2N3055 2N3236 2N333 2N3391A 2N3392 2N3392 2N3404 2N3416 2N3416 2N3439 2N3440 2N3440 2N3440 2N3440 2N3440 2N3440 2N3440 2N3440 2N3440 2N3442 2N3444 2N3495 2N3501 2N3501 2N3536 2N3546 2N3553 2N3554 2N3555 2N3563 2N3569 2N3584 2N3584 2N3585 2N3585 2N3612 2N3613 2N3638 2N3638 2N3638 2N3638A 2N3638A 2N3642 2N3643 2N3645 2N3646 2N3648 2N3654 2N3654 2N3668 2N3684 2N3703 2N3713 2N3713 2N3713 2N3713 2N3715 2N3716 2N3716 2N3716 2N3716 2N3720 2N3724 2N3724 2N3725A 2N3725A 2N3735 2N3739 2N3740 2N3740 2N3771 2N3771 2N3771 2N3771 2N3772 2N3772 2N3772 2N3773 2N3773 2N3773 2N3790 2N3791 2N3791 2N3792 2N3792 2N3792 2N3823 2N385 2N385 2N3859A 2N3859A 2N3866 2N3866 2N3866 2N3897 2N3902 2N3904 2N3904 2N3904 2N3904 2N3905 2N3906 2N3906 2N3906 2N3906 2N3906 2N3954 2N396 2N3980 2N4036 2N4037 2N404 2N404 2N404 2N404 2N4058 2N4058 2N4077 2N4091 2N4092 2N4092 2N4092 2N4093 2N4093A 2N4101 2N4123 2N4123 2N4124 2N4124 2N4125 2N4126 2N4154 2N4172 2N4174 2N4174 2N4209S 2N4222 2N4222 2N4231 2N4235 2N4247 2N4250 2N4250 2N4250 2N4258 2N4280 2N4348 2N4348 2N4351 2N4352 2N4391 2N4393 2N4398 2N4399 2N4400 2N4400 2N4400 2N4401 2N4401 2N4401BU 2N4402 2N4403 2N4403 2N4403 2N4403 2N4403BU 2N4407 2N4409 2N441 2N4410 2N4416A 2N4424 2N4424 2N4424 2N4427 2N4443 2N446A 2N456A 2N456A 2N456A 2N472 2N4852 2N4852HN 2N4857 2N4870 2N4871 2N4877 2N4895 2N4902 2N4912 2N4922 2N4923 2N4923 2N4923 2N4923 2N4923 2N4923 2N4923 2N4949 2N4966 2N4991 2N4992 2N5038 2N5039 2N5060 2N5060 2N5061 2N5061 2N5062 2N5064 2N5064 2N5068 2N5087 2N5088 2N5089G 2N5109 2N5109 2N5109 2N5109 2N5109 2N511B 2N5169 2N5190 2N5190 2N5192 2N5194 2N520 2N5225 2N5239 2N525 2N526 2N5305 2N5306 2N5320 2N5320 2N5322 2N5323 2N5323 2N5334 2N5367 2N5397 2N5397 2N539A 2N5400 2N5400 2N5401 2N5401 2N5415 2N5416 2N5416 2N5416 2N5430 2N5457 2N5459 2N5460 2N5461 2N5461 2N5484 2N5486 2N5550 2N5550 2N5551 2N5631 2N5631 2N5638 2N5638 2N5639 2N5639 2N5655 2N5657 2N5680 2N5680 2N5681 2N5681 2N5682 2N5684 2N5684 2N5770 2N5771 2N5785 2N5867 2N5875 2N5877 2N5878 2N5883 2N5884 2N5884 2N5885 2N5885 2N5885 2N5886 2N5886 2N5943 2N5943 2N5950 2N599 2N599 2N6027 2N6027 2N6027 2N6027 2N6028 2N6031G 2N6032 2N6034 2N6037 2N6042 2N6043 2N6055 2N6058 2N6059 2N6059 2N6071A 2N6075A 2N6084 2N6109 2N6111 2N6111 2N6160 2N6193 2N6211 2N6233 2N6246 2N625 2N6251 2N6254 2N6254 2N6254 2N6254 2N6259 2N6262 2N627 2N6274 2N6282 2N6282 2N6284 2N6284 2N6284 2N6284 2N6284 2N6284 2N6287 2N6287 2N6287 2N6288 2N6299 2N6301 2N6306 2N6306 2N6306 2N6306 2N6308 2N6315 2N6318 2N6318 2N6338 2N6385 2N6385 2N6385 2N6386 2N6388 2N6388G 2N6420 2N6426 2N6437 2N6474 2N6487 2N6488 2N6488 2N6490 2N6491 2N6491 2N6491 2N6491 2N6517 2N6520 2N6543 2N6547 2N6548 2N6549 2N6551 2N6555 2N6576 2N6578 2N6578 2N6592 2N6609 2N6650 2N6650 2N6660 2N6660 2N6660 2N6667 2N6668 2N6675 2N6687 2N6716 2N6718 2N6720 2N6725 2N6726 2N6740 2N6754 2N6764 2N6764-2 2N6771 2N6782 2N6784 2N6792 2N6796 2N6798 2N6804 2N697 2N697 2N7000 2N7000 2N7000 2N706 2N78 2N886 2N929 2SA1013 2SA1015Y 2SA1020 2SA1187 2SA1208 2SA1302 2SA1302 2SA1306B 2SA1360 2SA1413L 2SA1413Z 2SA1491 2SA1493 2SA1494 2SA1538 2SA1540D 2SA1694 2SA1837 2SA1943 2SA342 2SA473 2SA794-R 2SA899B 2SA904 2SA970-BL 2SA970GR 2SA985 2SB1012K 2SB1119 2SB1186A 2SB1424T100R 2SB173 2SB175 2SB176R 2SB176R 2SB324 2SB324 2SB337 2SB474 2SB546A 2SB554 2SB561 2SB727 2SB909 2SB926 2SB976 2SC1096 2SC1098 2SC1116 2SC1124 2SC1172 2SC1172B 2SC1308K 2SC1318 2SC1383 2SC1674 2SC1775 2SC1815 2SC1871A 2SC2002 2SC2021 2SC2027 2SC2058 2SC2061 2SC2120 2SC2166 2SC2166 2SC2209 2SC2229 2SC2366 2SC2383-0 2SC2542 2SC2555 2SC2570 2SC2570A 2SC2625 2SC2625 2SC2625 2SC2630 2SC2655 2SC2682 2SC2688 2SC2705 2SC2714 2SC2740 2SC2782 2SC2922 2SC3067 2SC3094 2SC3150 2SC3153 2SC3298 2SC3306 2SC3311 2SC3320 2SC3421 2SC3422 2SC3467 2SC3467 2SC3688 2SC3688 2SC3788 2SC3856 2SC3857 2SC3857 2SC3858 2SC3884A 2SC3897 2SC3917 2SC3953 2SC3990 2SC3997 2SC4138 2SC4242 2SC4382 2SC4418 2SC4431 2SC4466 2SC458 2SC458C 2SC4686A 2SC4744 2SC4747 2SC4793 2SC4796 2SC5198 2SC535 2SC5386 2SC5411 2SC645 2SC930 2SD1047D 2SD1049 2SD1087 2SD1175 2SD1265 2SD1273 2SD1279 2SD1289 2SD1296 2SD1350 2SD1397 2SD1590 2SD1766 2SD2006 2SD2012 2SD401A 2SD401A 2SD424 2SD438 2SD467C 2SD470B 2SD473 2SD551 2SD555 2SD626 2SD636R 2SD641 2SD646 2SD71 2SD797 2SD822 2SD869 2SD869 2SD915 2SD965 2SD998 2SJ162 2SJ74 2SJ76 2SK1119 2SK117 2SK1221 2SK1462 2SK2141 2SK2221 2SK2562 2SK30A 2SK324 2SK357 2SK373GR 2SK41E 2SK792 2SK901 2SK956 3SK80 40250 40251 40263 40313 40373 40576 60926P 6DI150A-060 6DI30B-050 6DI50C-050 A50L-0001-0096/A A50L-0001-0109 A50L-0001-0126 #B A50L-0001-0175 A50L-0001-0175 A50L-0001-0178 A50L-0001-0178 A50L-0001-0273 A50L-0001-0326 AD162 APT5010LVRG ASZ16 ASZ18 AUY10 BC160 BC161 BC182LB BC237 BC237A BC237B BC327-25 BC327-25 BC337-25 BC517 BC557 BC639 BC817-40 BCY78/8 BD237 BD645 BD675 BD675 BD676 BD677A BD678 BD680 BDV64 BDV64A BDV64B BDV64B BDV65 BDV65 BDV65C BDW93B BDX53C BF167 BF859A BF981 BFQ35 BFQ52 BFQ52 BFX59 BFY90 BGY204 BGY204 BS107 BS170 BS170P BS170RLRA BS250 BS520EOF BSS123 BU208A BU208A BU2508AF BU2508DF BU2508DX BU2520DF BU2520DX BU2525AF BU2527AF BU2527AX BU326A BU406 BU406 BU406 BU406D BU407 BU407D BU408 BU426A BU4508DX BU508 BU508A BU508A BU508D BU508DF BU806 BU806 BU806 BU807 BU941P BUF420A BUH417 BUH417 BUH517 BUH517D BUK453-100A BUL48B BUS23-5 BUT11A BUT11A BUT12A BUV298AF BUV37 BUV46C BUV48A BUV48A BUV48A BUV48A BUV83 BUW12A BUX48A BUX48A BUX48A BUX80 BUX98C BUY69A BUY89 BUZ10 BUZ103S BUZ11 BUZ11 BUZ11 BUZ11 BUZ171 BUZ355 BUZ45B BUZ58 BUZ58 BUZ60 BUZ71 BUZ71A BUZ71A BUZ71A BUZ71A BUZ71A(CL) BUZ71A(CL) BUZ73 BUZ78 BUZ84A (T0-220) CR2N1489 D40D11 D40K1 D40K1 D40K1 D40K1 D40K2 D40K3 D41D4 D42C5 D44C5 D44E2 D44H2 D44H5 D44H8 D44VH10 D45C2 D45C8 D45C8 D45H11 D45H11 D45H2 D45H8 D45VH10 D67DE4 DG646BH20 DGT304SE12 DGT385SL16 DT4304 DTT1001107000 ECG129 ECG171 (2N6593) ECG222 ECG2377 ED431613 ETN01-055 EV1235 EVF31T-050A EVG31-050 EVK31-050 EVL31-050 EVM31-050B FA57SA50LC FCA75CC50 FS10SM-18A FS10UM-12 FS1313 FST3257MX GDM11220 GX34613A HUF75343S IRF130 IRF150 IRF150 IRF150 IRF150 IRF150 IRF150 IRF241(unmkd) IRF243 IRF3205 IRF332 IRF333 IRF3415 IRF3710STRL IRF448 IRF450 IRF450 IRF450 IRF462 IRF510 IRF511 IRF511 IRF512 IRF520 IRF520 IRF530 IRF530 IRF530 IRF530 IRF530N IRF540 IRF540 IRF540A IRF540N IRF541 IRF610 IRF621 IRF624 IRF630 IRF630 IRF630 IRF630 IRF630 IRF630 IRF630NPBF IRF634 IRF634A IRF640 IRF640 IRF640 IRF640NS IRF644 IRF644 IRF712 IRF720 IRF720 IRF721 IRF730 IRF730 IRF730 IRF731 IRF7313 IRF740 IRF740 IRF740 IRF7413 IRF743 IRF7477PBF IRF820 IRF830 IRF830 IRF830 IRF831 IRF840 IRF840 IRF840 IRF842 IRF9140 IRF9240 IRF9523 IRF9530 IRF9530 IRF9530 IRF9530 IRF9530 IRF9530 IRF9531 IRF9540 IRF9540 IRF9540 IRF9540 IRF9540 IRF9610 IRF9610 IRF9620 IRF9630 IRF9630 IRF9640 IRF9640 IRF9640 IRF9640 IRF9640 IRF9641 IRFB31N20DPBF IRFBC30 IRFBC40 IRFBG30 IRFD110 IRFD110 IRFD110 IRFD110 IRFD9123 IRFD9123 IRFD9123 IRFF110 IRFF120 IRFF210 IRFF330 IRFF9130 IRFF9130 IRFH150 IRFH230 IRFH250 IRFH350 IRFH450 IRFI540N IRFIZ48N IRFK4H450+ IRFK4J450+ IRFK6H250+ IRFM250 IRFM450 IRFP150 IRFP150 IRFP250 IRFP250N IRFP254 IRFP260 IRFP351 IRFP360 IRFP450 IRFP450 IRFP450 IRFP450 IRFP450 IRFP460 IRFP9240 IRFP9240 IRFPC40 IRFPC50 IRFPF50 IRFPG40 IRFPG40 IRFPG42 IRFPG50 IRFPG50 IRFR13N20D IRFR220 IRFR320 IRFS640A IRFS640A IRFU220 IRFU420 IRFZ22 IRFZ24 IRFZ34 IRFZ34N IRFZ40 IRFZ40 IRFZ44 IRFZ44 IRFZ44 IRFZ46 IRFZ48N IRG4PSH71K IRGBC40K IRGPC40F IRL3713SPBF IRLML5203TRPBF IRLR2905 IRLR3717 IRLZ24 IXFH13N50 IXFH40N30 IXFH6N100 IXFN55N50 IXTH40N30 IXTH50N20 IXTH5N100A IXTH6N90 IXTH6N90A IXTM6N90 J270 J2N3507 JAN2N6365 JAN2N6764 JANCCSX2N1489 JANTX 2N6782 JANTX 2N6792 JANTX 2N6804 JANTX2N3250A JANTX2N3250A JANTX2N3500CCZK JANTX2N3501 JANTX2N3823 JANTX2N492A JANTXV2N3507 JX2N3418 JX2N3500CGG JX2N3715 JX2N5685 JXTV2N3507 KD221K03 KD221K05 KD221K75HB KD224505 KD224575 KD321408 KD324510 KD324515 KD421215A7 KD421415 KD421K10HB KD424520 KD424520 KD424520A41 KD524575 KD621230 KE524505 KE924505 KS221K10 KS221K15 KS224510 KS224510 KS224510 KS224515 KS324520 KS324520 KS524505 KS621220A7 KS621230A7 KS621240 KS621260 KS621260 KS621260 KS621K30 KS621K40 KS624540 KS624550 KS624550 KSB23020 KSP2222ATA KSP2907ATA KST2222AMTF LA79500E-TDM MG100G1AL3 MG150M2YK1 MG200H1AL2 MG300G1UL1 MG300H1UL1 MG300H1US1 MG300M1FK1 MG300M1UK1 MG30G6EL1 MG400H1FL1 MG75M2YK1 MGTO1000 MHW5185 MHW5342A MHW709-1 MJ10000 MJ10001 MJ10003 MJ10004 MJ1001 MJ1001 MJ10012 MJ10012 MJ10020 MJ10020 (unmkd) MJ10023 MJ10025 MJ11012 MJ11014 MJ11021 MJ11021HX MJ11022HX MJ11030 MJ11033 MJ13335 MJ14001 MJ14002 MJ15001 MJ15002 MJ15003 MJ15004 MJ15004 MJ15015 MJ15016 MJ15016 MJ15022 MJ15023 MJ15023 MJ15023 MJ15024 MJ15024 MJ15025 MJ16010A MJ2252 MJ2501 MJ2955 MJ2955 MJ3000 MJ4032 MJ4032 MJ4035 MJ410 MJ423 MJ802 MJ802 MJ8501 MJ8505 MJE13007 MJE13007 MJE15028 MJE15029 MJE15030 MJE15030 MJE15031 MJE15031 MJE15031 MJE170 MJE172 MJE172 MJE180 MJE18004 MJE241 MJE243 MJE2955T MJE2955T MJE3055T MJE340 MJE3439 MJE350 MJE350 MJE801 MJH11019 MJH16012 MJH6282 MJW16212 MM3009 MMBT3904LT1 MPS2369 MPS2907A MPS3638 MPS3640 MPS5179 MPS651 MPS651 MPS6516 MPS6530 MPS6531 MPS6531 MPS6533 MPS6539 MPS6562 MPS751 MPS8097 MPS8099 MPS8599 MPSA05 MPSA06 MPSA09 MPSA12 MPSA13 MPSA13 MPSA13 MPSA14 MPSA18 MPSA18 MPSA20 MPSA29 MPSA42 MPSA43 MPSA43 MPSA44 MPSA55 MPSA56 MPSA63 MPSA63 MPSA65 MPSA65 MPSA92 MPSA93 MPSA94 MPSH10 MPSH10 MPSH81 MPSU01 MPSU01 MPSU06 MPSU07 MPSU10 MPSU45 MPSU51 MPSU51 MPSU56 MPSU60 MPSU95 MPSW51 MRF571 MRF587 MRF901 MSC82040 MTH13N45 MTH50N05E MTH8N45 MTP10N35 MTP10N35 MTP2955E MTP2N50E MTP3055E MTP3055E MTP3055EFI MTP4N85 MTP50N06E MTP50N06EL MTP50N06V MTP50N06V MTP7P06 MTW45N10E MWA120 NN3569 NN3638 NSDU10 NTE257 NZT651 OC23 P1087-18 PED7491 PN2222A PN2222A PN2222A PN2222A PN2907A PN3565 PN3565 PN3567 PN3638 PN3638A PN3643 PN4391 PN4393 PN5138-18 PZT2222AT1 Q2N6798 QCA100A60 QCA100A60 QCA100AA120 QCA150AA120 QCA150BA60 QCA200AA120 QCA200BA60 QCA30B60 QCA50AA120 QCA75AA120 QF30AA60 QM100DY-2H QM120DX-H QM15TB-2H QM200HA-24 QM300HA-24 QM300HA-H QM300HH-H QM30DY-HB QM500HA-H QM50DY-2H QM50DY-H QM600HA-2H QM75D1X-H QN2N6796 RFD14N05L RFP12N10 RFP40N10 RFP50N06 RFP50N06 RFP6P10 RJH6678 RXT2222A SD211DE SDS217H SDT9201 SE3001 SE5035 SGSF324 SGSF324 SI-8033S SK45GH063 SK80GM063 SKET330/12E SKET400/14E SKET400/16E SKET400/18E SKET400/18E SKFH60/080U SKFL60/06DT SKFT40/06DU SKIW900/12 SKM151 SMW45N10 SQD200AA100 SQD200AA120 SQD300AA100 SQD300BA60 SQD400AA100 STD2NB60T4 STHV82 STP2N60 STP4NA40 TI903 TIC106A TIC116D TIC253M TIP100 TIP101 TIP102 TIP102 TIP102 TIP102 TIP102 TIP102 TIP102 TIP105 TIP106 TIP106 TIP107 TIP107 TIP110 TIP110 TIP111 TIP112 TIP115 TIP116 TIP116 TIP117 TIP120 TIP121 TIP121 TIP121 TIP122 TIP122 TIP125 TIP125 TIP126 TIP126 TIP126T TIP127 TIP127 TIP127 TIP131 TIP140 TIP140 TIP140 TIP141 TIP141 TIP142 TIP142 TIP142 TIP142 TIP145 TIP145 TIP145 TIP145 TIP146 TIP146 TIP147 TIP150 TIP29 TIP2955 TIP2955 TIP29A TIP29B TIP29C TIP30 TIP3055 TIP30C TIP31 TIP31A TIP31A TIP31A TIP31A TIP31C TIP31C TIP32A TIP32B TIP32C TIP32C TIP32C TIP33 TIP33C TIP33C TIP34A TIP34B TIP35B TIP35B TIP35C TIP35C TIP35C TIP35C TIP36 TIP36 TIP36 TIP36 TIP36A TIP36B TIP36B TIP36C TIP36C TIP36C TIP41A TIP41B TIP41C TIP41C TIP41C TIP42 TIP42A TIP42C TIP42C TIP42C TIP47 TIP47 TIP49 TIP49 TIP50 TIP50 TIP50 TIP642 TIP73 TIPL761A TOP101YA1 TOP227YA1 TOP234Y TPV385 TUSB3410IVF TX6062 UFNF310 UFR3140 UM100CDY-10 VN2222LL VN2222LL VN2222LL VN35AB VP0106N3 WP012L64F ZT82BS ZTX658 ZVN4106FTA