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A Thyristor and an SCR (silicon controlled rectifier) are essentially synonymous. A thyristor is a solid- state semiconductor device with four layers of alternating P- and N-type materials. It acts exclusively as a bistables witch, conducting when the gate receives a current trigger, and continuing to conduct while the voltage across the device is not reversed (forward-biased). A three-lead thyristor is designed to control the larger current of its two leads by combining that current with the smaller current of its other lead, known as its control lead. In contrast, a two-lead thyristor is designed to switch on if the potential difference (breakdown voltage) between its leads is sufficiently large.

Because thyristors can control a relatively large amount of power and voltage with a small device, they find wide application in control of electric power, ranging from light dimmers and electric motor speed control to high-voltage direct-current power transmission. Thyristors may be used in power-switching circuits, relay-replacement circuits, inverter circuits, oscillator circuits, level-detector circuits, chopper circuits, light-dimming circuits, low-cost timer circuits, logic circuits, speed-control circuits, and phase- control circuits.

Part Numbers

101110-7 104X125DA015 104X125DA044 104X125DA083 104X125DA090 104X125DA099 104X125DC062 1097-10 111RK120 112MT120K 12-679015-21 12-679015-22 12-679015-23 12-679015-24 12-679015-26 12-679019-2 12-679169-01 12-690362-12 143-329-002 143-333-016 147-1133-7 147-1133-7 15-679150-20 151RA50 151RC15S60 1538A57H12 1538A61H22A (OLD) 155RK120 155RK160 209M 20RIF5W15 219K 22D1245 22D1245-1 22D1246 240-0006-120 240-0010-060 25AC100A 25RIA40 27999-02673 29104-02 2N6394 2N6395 2N6400 2N6401 2N6505 2N6506 2N6507 2N682 2N685 2N869A 2N869A 300RA120 305RK120 350RA120 350RA120 350RA80 35A24H05 36RC10A 36RC40A 4060S102X12 410403-60AW 44-1113000 5001410900 50AC60A 50RIA10 50RIA120 50RIA20 50RIA40 50RIA60 50RIA60 58-240P08 5SGA25H2501 5STP27L1800 5STP34N5200 60AC100 68-4797 68-5964 68-6950(C) 68-6950(M) 68-7034 701819-205AW 701819-207BA 701819-303AC 70C40BIL 71RA100 71RA60 72HFR40 72RIA100 72RIA150 78-5754 7992A55H01 80RIA120 81RIA40 82RIA120 900551.1 901335.1 AA1800CRJ180 ACR22U06LG ACR25U06LG ACR25U08LG ACR25U10LG AD60F12KGC AD96S08KAF AD96S11KAC AVS08CBI B412F-Y222 B412F-YEB B484F-2 B484G B485A-2 B485B-2T B485C-2 B485C-2T B511F-2 B512F-2 B552-266NG B611-2T B612F-2T B652-2T BCR8PM-12L BISCR7501820 BSTL0460 BSTL3560 BSTL3590 BSTL3766F BSTN3360 BSTN3390 BSTN3486 BSTN3760F BSTN3766F BSTP3486K BSTP3486L BT136-500 BT136-500E BT139-600 BT139-600E BT151-500R BT152-600R BTA08-200TW BTA08-600B BTA16-600B BTA25-600B BTA26-600B BTA40-600B BTA41-600B BTA41-600BRG BTB10-400B BTW38-600R BTW42-600R BTW63-1000RK BTW68-1000 BTW68-600 BTW69-1200 BYT230PI400 BYT230PIV300 BYT230PIV300 BYV74-400 C103B C106F C122A C122F C147B C147PD C155E C159PD C164D2 C164M C185E C232F C282PB C290PB C291PB C358PB C364N C380M C380M C384M C391PE C430PBX98 C440MX30 C444MX42 C448PB C448PB C448PC C448PC C450B1 C458PD C501LA C501P C52B C702CBV788 C712LV845 C712LV883 C784DE CD4A1290 CD621215 CD621215A CD621815C CD721290 CD7712400Y CE720802 CR6CM-12 CS23-08IO2 CS23-08IO2 CS78-12GU8 CSKH92/12E CTB06-800BW D405CH20F4T9 D405CH20FF0 D405CH20FW0 D405CH20FY0 DCR1003SF14JN-6 DCR1278SD3636 DCR1374SBA18 DCR1474SY1818 DCR1478SY4545 DCR1478SY4545 W/LEADS DCR1478SY4545-1238 DCR1478SY4545-1238A DCR1710F18 DCR2360C22 DCR2630SY52-1799 DCR2830L16 DCR3400Y20 DCR370T16 DCR604SE21 DCR720E16 DCR818SG4242-1506C DCR890F65 EC103A1 ECG5574 ECG5649 (Q2006) F18111SD600 F1841SD600 F1855SD600 F1857SD1200 F1890HD1200 F1891HD400 F1891HD600 F1892HD1200 FG2000FX-50DA FG500A-90 FG600F-120 FG800A-90 G441 [ 300RA100 ] GFF200E12 HI23SS HIS625 HIS640 HIT640 HS04 HS04S HS04S HS072 HS14S HS17 IRKH41/02 IRKH56/08 IRKT130/06 IRKT141/08 IRKT160/12 IRKT180-14 IRKT210-16 IRKT230-08 IRKTF180-12HJ IS08S IS08SX IS110 IS220 IT215 IT410TA IT48 IT615 JAN2N692 JTX2N692 L4004L3 L513F L542 LD431650NA LD431843 LDX31853 LS430850 LS431650ND M252542 M252562V M252565 M252571 M254012FV M505012F M505012FV M505013FV M505044 M803THB1200 MAC223A6FP MAC223A6FP MAC228A10FP MAC3030-15 MAC320A10FP MAC635-8 MCC132-12IO1 MCC132-16IO1 MCC162-16IO1 MCC165/12IO1 MCC225-16IO1 MCC225-18IO1 MCC250-16IO1 MCC255-14IO1 MCC26-14IO1B MCC26-16IO1B MCC310-16IO1 MCC312-16IO1 MCC312-16IO1 MCC312-18IO1 MCC431-24IO1 MCC501-16IO2 MCC56-12IO8B MCC56-16IO1B MCC94-22IO1B MCC95-16IO1B MCD162-16IO1 MCD255-16IO1 MCD26-16IO8 MCD312-16IO1 MCD312-18IO1 MCD44-16IO8B MCD501-16IO2 MCD55-08IO8 MCD72-16IO8B MCD95-16IO1B MCD95-16IO8B MCD95-18IO8B MCO500-16I01 MCR100-6 MCR100-6 MCR100-6G MCR218-2 MCR22-2 MCR22-8 MCR264-6 MCR265-2 MCR69-2 MCR71-2 MCR72-6 MMO175-16IO7 MMO62-12I06 MSG60L41 N029RH02 N044RH12 N060RH15 N0616LC400 N086PH12 N0882NC450 N0910LC200 N1010NC300 N105RH08 N105RH12 N1075LN180 N1467NC260 N1600CH12 N170PH12 N1802NC160 N200CH65 N200CH65 N2046NC160 N2293VC220 N2500VC160 N255CH45 N280CH18 N282CH20 N3533ZC140 N370CH21 N450CH08 N490CH20LOO N490CH24 N540CH18L00 N630CH30 N630CH36B9Y N630CH36H8W N630CH36LOO N760CH22 N900CH26L00 N980CH16 N980CH18 N980CH20 N980CH21B4S N990CH06 N990CH16 ND431625NA NL-C781PM P100CH08FN0 P100RH06FNO P105W P202PH12CK0 P205CH10FK0 P215CH06FK0 P280CH06FN0 P300CH10F2K0 P300CH12F2K0 P300KH12FK0 P3100SBRP P370CH08FL0 P435 PAZ7BCT7XW14 PDT1008 PE40F80 PK160F-160 PO27RH02FGO PO27RH06FGO PO27RH06FNO PO27RH12FGO PO27RH12FHO PO311SC12F PO36RH06FGO PO36RH06FKO PO36RH10FGO PO36RH10FNO PO36RH12FGO PO42RH06FJO PO42RH10FJO PO42RH12FJO PO431SC06C PO80CH12FJO PO86RH12FKO PO95RH12CKO PS620 PT215 PT640 PWB100A30 PWB100A40 Q2006LT Q2015LT Q2040P Q4015L5 Q4025L6 Q5010LT Q6008L5 R0577YC12C R0830LC14C R0830LC14E R0830LS14FNO R0878LC20M R0964LC12C R0990LC08A R1124NC18J R1178NC14E R1275NC18J R1279NC25M R1331NC12A R1448NC20H R1448NS18H R180CH10F99 R185CH12FNO R190CH12FJO R190CH12FMO R190CH12FNO R190CH14CKO R190CH14FKO R190CH14FKO/12D R190CH14FMO R190SH14FNO R220CH12FNO R2619ZC21J R2619ZC25J R2619ZD20J R2714ZC18H R305CH18F2K0 R325SH14FLO R350CH12FNO R350SH12FNO R395SH18FFO S106D2 S106F1 S18CF16B1 S23AF12A S23DG8B0 S23DP12BIM16 S2700M S4008L S4025L S4065J S5800D S6006L S6020L S6050J SC129B SC129D SC129M SC141B SC149D3 SC151D SC151M SC160D SC16C40 SC250D SC260B SC260D SC260E2 SC260M SC260MX270 SC37706E14 SC37706E20 SC37759AOO SC37759AOO SC37775AOO SC37790A50 SC37795AOO SC37799AOO SG800GXH25 SG800JXH25 SHP103 (P103) SIPS025 SM FLAG SIPT215 SIPT225 SIPT230 SIPT240 SIPT610 SKCH28/12 SKCH28/14 SKCH40/08 SKCH40/12 SKCH40/14 SKCH40/16 SKKH106/14E SKKH106/16E SKKH15/14E SKKH162/14E SKKH172/16E SKKH19/12D SKKH26/08D SKKH26/14E SKKH56/08D SKKH72/22E SKKH91/08 SKKH91/08... SKKL26/12D SKKL56/08D SKKT105/06D SKKT132/16E SKKT15/12 SKKT161/12D SKKT162/12E SKKT162/16E SKKT162/18E SKKT162/18E SKKT162B/16E SKKT19/12E SKKT210/14E SKKT210/22E SKKT213/14E SKKT213/16E SKKT250/16E SKKT253/16E SKKT26/12D SKKT26/12E SKKT26/14E SKKT330/14E SKKT56/16E SKKT57/16E SKKT91/18E SKKT92/08D SKKT92/08D SKKT92/08D SKKT92/08D SKKT92/08D SKKT92/16E SKKT92B/14E SKKT92B/16E SKMT19/12D SKMT26/06 SKMT92/04D SKNH26/08D SKNH56/08D SKT110F/12DT(M) SKT130/12M SKT16/14C SKT160/10C SKT16F04CS SKT16F06CS SKT300/16E(M) SKT45F/10DT METRIC SKT490/14 SKT500/12D SKT55-12CUNF SKT55/06CUNF SKT55/16C UNF SKT551/14E SKT600/04D SKT760/14E SKT760/18E SKT80/12C UNF SKT80/12CM SKT80/16C UNF SKUT35/08 SPS035 SPS425 SPS625 SPT015 SPT230 SPT415 SPT640 SSG100C60 SSG16C120 SSG25C80 UNF SSG300C100 ST083S12PFPO ST110S14[M] ST110S16P0 ST173C12CFKO ST180S02P0V ST180S04P0V ST183C08CFNO ST300C20CO ST400L21 T-F1892HD1200 T106B1SD T106B1TD T106D1SS T1258N06TOF T130N1200W0C T1329N22TOF T1509N18TOF T1513MJ T221N14B0F T271N25BOF T320F10BGC T320F13BFC T335N32TOF T36N1600B0F T380N32TOF T380N38TOF T388N1200TOF T483C T484F T507057074AQ T507064074AQ T507068054AB T507084074AQ T507084084AA T507127054AB T509N1200T0F T510S1200TEC T520S1500TSC T552 T560N12TOF T560N16TOF T600121804BTM20 T610021804BT T620063004LP T627041564DN T627061584DN T6270625740N T627082084DN T630S1800TNM T674 T700043504BY T700043504BY T700123504(m) T700163504BY T707113374BY T718N12TOF T727092574DNA14 T7S0127504LP T7S0147504KF58 T7SH0640B4DN T830N16TOF T8K7363503DH T8K7423503DH T8K7453503DH T90RIA120 T920140703HQ T9G0021003DH T9G0041003DH T9G01209 T9G0161103KL T9G0181203DH T9G0181203DH T9G0201003DE T9G0201103JB T9G0241203DH T9G0241203DH T9GH1211K4HK TA20261603VY5 TAK7401403DH TBK518280HHEA14 TD106N16/25KOF TD131N1200KOF TD162N12KOF TD170N12KOF TD250N1400K0C TD250N14KOF TD285N12K0F TD285N16K0F TD425N12KOF TDS TG35E60 THYM75A80V TM25T3A-H TMG16C60F TMG20C60F TMG25C60F TT106N12KOF TT131N1200KOF TT150N22KOF TT170N16KOF TT210N16KOF TT250N08KOF TT250N08KOF TT250N12KOF TT250N12KOF TT250N18KOF TT285N16KOF TT500N12KOF TT500N16KOF TT61N16KOF TT81F04KCC TT92N16KOF TT92N16KOF TT95N06KOF TT95N12KOF TT95N12KOF TZ425N16KOF VGO36-14IO7 VVZ175-16IO7 VVZ40-16I01 WG12013 WG20018SP WG6012R WG6013ZA YS180103AC-P24C