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A diode is a two-terminal electronic component that conducts current primarily in one direction resistance; it has low in one direction, and high resistance in the other. A semiconductor diode, the most common type today, is a crystalline piece of semiconductor material with a p–n junction connected to two electrical terminals. Today, most diodes are made of silicon, but other materials such as selenium and germanium are sometimes used.

The most common function of a diode is to allow an electric current to pass in one direction (called the diode's forward direction), while blocking it in the opposite direction (the reverse direction). As such, the diode can be viewed as an electronic version of a check valve. This unidirectional behavior is called rectification, and is used to convert alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC). Forms of rectifiers, diodes can be used for such tasks as extracting modulation from radio signals in radio receivers.

However, diodes can have more complicated behavior than this simple on–off action, because of their nonlinear current-voltage characteristics. Semiconductor diodes begin conducting electricity only if a certain threshold voltage or cut-in voltage is present in the forward direction (a state in which the diode is said to be forward-biased). The voltage drop across a forward-biased diode varies only a little with the current, and is a function of temperature; this effect can be used as a temperature sensor or as a voltage reference.

A semiconductor diode's current–voltage characteristic can be tailored by selecting the semiconductor materials and the doping impurities introduced into the materials during manufacture. These techniques are used to create special-purpose diodes that perform many different functions. For example, diodes are used to regulate voltage (Zener diodes), to protect circuits from high voltage surges (avalanche diodes), to electronically tune radio and TV receivers (varactor diodes), to generate radio-frequency oscillations (tunnel diodes, Gunn diodes, IMPATT diodes), and to produce light (light-emitting diodes). Tunnel, Gunn and IMPATT diodes exhibit negative resistance, which is useful in microwave and switching circuits.

Part Numbers

104X125AA052 10CTF30 10GK6 10J4B41 10JTF30 10RIF20W15 110L2G43 110MT120K 112759-1 1140-103K 11DQ03 11DQ04 11DQ06 12CTQ040 12F100 12F120 12F60 12FL60S02 130MT120K 150K10A 150K120A 150K160A 150KR100A 150KR120A 150KR120A 150L100A 152K120A 152KR100A 152KR120A 15KP200A 160MT80K 16CTQ100 16F10 16F120 16FL100S05 16FLR40S05 16FR10 16FR120 16FR120 16FR160 16FR160 16FR20 16FR20 16FR60 19TQ015S 1G4B41 1N100A 1N1084 1N1124R 1N1128 1N1183A 1N1183A 1N1183A 1N1183RA 1N1185A 1N1185A 1N1185A 1N1186RA 1N1188A 1N1188RA 1N1199A 1N1199A 1N1199A-CERAMIC 1N1199RA 1N1200 1N1200A 1N1202 1N1202A 1N1202M 1N1202RA 1N1203A 1N1204A 1N1204A 1N1204RA 1N1206A 1N1206RA 1N1217 1N1220 1N1344 1N1344 1N1344R 1N1401 1N1487 1N1538 1N1538 1N1538 1N1598 1N2130A 1N2175 1N2222A 1N2615 1N270 1N270 1N270 1N270 1N270 1N270 1N270 C/B ONLY 1N2807B 1N2808B 1N2811B 1N2822B 1N2832A 1N2843B 1N2867 1N2970 1N2974RB 1N2976R 1N2980RB 1N2982A 1N2982B 1N2982RA 1N2985RA 1N2988RB 1N2992B 1N3002B 1N3005 1N3022B 1N3022B 1N3023B 1N3023B 1N3029 1N3030 1N3031 1N3032 1N3044B 1N3070 1N3087R 1N3193 1N3255 1N3261R 1N3263 1N3268 1N3295AR 1N3296R 1N3310RB 1N3314RB 1N3319B 1N3325B 1N3325B 1N3325RB 1N3325RB 1N3350R 1N3491 1N3491R 1N3495 1N3495R 1N34A 1N34A 1N34A 1N3581A 1N3595 1N3600 1N3611GP 1N3736 1N3739 1N3739R 1N3822 1N3822A 1N3824A 1N3826A 1N3828A 1N3829A 1N3844 1N3880 1N3880 1N3881 1N3881FLTP 1N3881LPTP 1N3883 1N3883R 1N3889 1N3893R 1N38A 1N3911R 1N3912R 1N3995 1N3997 1N4001 1N4001 1N4001 1N4001 1N4001G 1N4002 1N4002 1N4002 1N4002 1N4003 1N4003 1N4004 1N4005 1N4006 1N4006 1N4006 1N4006RL 1N4007 1N4007 1N4007 1N4009 1N4056 1N4056R 1N4106 1N4107 1N4140 1N4146 1N4147 1N4148 1N4148 1N4148WS-GS08 1N4149 1N4150 1N4151 1N4154 1N4156 1N4246 1N429 1N4305 1N4370A 1N4448 1N4448 1N4454 1N4471 1N4511 1N4565A 1N4568A[D0-7] 1N456A 1N456A 1N457 1N4575 1N4575 1N457A 1N457A 1N4581A 1N458A 1N4595 1N459A 1N4607 1N463A 1N4678 1N4679 1N4680 1N4680 1N4684 1N4694 1N4696 1N4697 1N4697 1N4717 1N4720 1N4721 1N4724 1N4728A 1N4728A 1N4729A 1N4730A 1N4731 1N4731A 1N4732A 1N4732A 1N4733A 1N4733A 1N4733A 1N4733A 1N4734A 1N4734A 1N4735A 1N4735A 1N4736A 1N4736A 1N4737A 1N4737A 1N4738A 1N4738A 1N4739A 1N4740A 1N4740A 1N4741A 1N4741A 1N4741A 1N4742A 1N4742A 1N4742A T/R 1N4743A 1N4743A 1N4744A 1N4744A 1N4744A 1N4744A 1N4744A 1N4744A 1N4745 1N4745 1N4745A 1N4745A 1N4745A 1N4746A 1N4746A 1N4747A 1N4747A 1N4747C 1N4748 1N4748A 1N4748A 1N4749 1N4749A 1N4749A 1N4749A 1N4750A 1N4750A 1N4751A 1N4752 1N4752A 1N4752A 1N4753 1N4753A 1N4754A 1N4754A 1N4755A 1N4756A 1N4757A 1N4758A 1N4759 1N4760A 1N4761A 1N4762A 1N4763A 1N4764A 1N4764A 1N483B 1N4933 1N4933 1N4933 1N4933 1N4934 1N4935 1N4935 1N4936 1N4937 1N4937 1N4937 1N4946 1N4947 1N4948GP 1N4997R 1N4998 1N5060 1N5060GP 1N5061 1N5062 1N5062/4 1N5062GP 1N5221B 1N5221B 1N5221B 1N5222B 1N5222B 1N5224B 1N5225B 1N5226B 1N5226B 1N5227B 1N5227B 1N5227B 1N5228B 1N5228B 1N5228D 1N5229B 1N5231B 1N5231B 1N5231B 1N5231B 1N5231B 1N5232B 1N5232B 1N5233B 1N5233C 1N5234B 1N5235B 1N5235B 1N5235B 1N5236B 1N5237B 1N5237B 1N5237B 1N5238B 1N5239B 1N5239B 1N5240A 1N5240B 1N5240B 1N5241B 1N5242B 1N5242B 1N5242D 1N5243B 1N5243C 1N5244B 1N5245A 1N5245B 1N5245B 1N5245B 1N5246B 1N5247B 1N5247D 1N5248B 1N5249B 1N5250B 1N5251B 1N5251B 1N5252B 1N5252B 1N5253 1N5253B 1N5254B 1N5256B 1N5257B 1N5258B 1N5259B 1N5261B 1N5261B 1N5262B 1N5263B 1N5266B 1N5268B 1N5279 1N5282 1N5302 1N5313 1N532 1N5333B 1N5333B 1N5336B 1N5337B 1N5338A 1N5338B 1N5338B 1N5338B 1N5339B 1N5339B 1N5340B 1N5341B 1N5341BRL 1N5342B 1N5342B 1N5343B 1N5344B 1N5346B 1N5347B 1N5348B 1N5348B 1N5348B 1N5349B 1N5349B 1N5349B 1N5349B 1N5350B 1N5351B 1N5351B 1N5351B 1N5351B 1N5352B 1N5353B 1N5353B 1N5353B 1N5356A 1N5357B 1N5358A 1N5358B 1N536 1N5361A 1N5363B 1N5364B 1N5364B 1N5366B 1N5366B 1N5368B 1N5370A 1N5371B 1N5372 1N5373B 1N5375B 1N5378 1N5378 1N5378 1N5378B 1N5379 1N5381B 1N5382B 1N5386B 1N5388A 1N5388B 1N5388B 1N5399 1N5400 1N5401 1N5401 1N5401RL 1N5402 1N5402 1N5402 1N5402 1N5402B 1N5404 1N5404-TP 1N5405 1N5405 1N5406 1N5406 1N5407 1N5407G 1N5408 1N5408 1N5408 1N5408 1N5408 1N5408 1N5415 1N5530B 1N5555 1N5617 1N5624 1N5626 1N5626 1N5626 1N5626 1N5627 1N5648A 1N5652AH 1N566 1N5711 1N5712(HM) 1N5817 1N5817 1N5817 1N5817-T 1N5817T 1N5818 1N5819 1N5819 1N5820 1N5820 1N5821 1N5822 1N5822 1N5822 1N5825 1N5908 1N5929BRL 1N5955A 1N6002B 1N6007B 1N6095 1N6095 1N6098 1N6156A 1N6263 1N6263 1N6263 1N6267A 1N6269 1N6271A 1N6277A 1N6288A 1N6293 1N6373 1N6373 1N6377 1N6380 1N6391 1N645 1N649 1N659 1N695A 1N712A 1N746A 1N746A 1N746A 1N746A 1N746A 1N746A 1N746A 1N746A 1N747A 1N748A 1N748A 1N748A 1N749A 1N749A 1N750A 1N750A 1N750A 1N751A 1N751A 1N751A 1N751A 1N751ARL 1N752A 1N752A 1N752A 1N752A 1N752ARL 1N753 1N753A 1N753A 1N755A 1N756A 1N756A 1N756A 1N756ARL 1N757A 1N758A 1N759A 1N759A 1N816 1N821 1N823 1N823A 1N823A 1N823A 1N823A 1N825 1N827 1N827A 1N827A 1N827A 1N91 1N914 1N914 1N914 1N914A 1N914B 1N935A(FL) 1N936A 1N941 1N941B 1N943B 1N944 1N957B 1N957B 1N957B 1N958B 1N963B 1N963B 1N965B 1N965B 1N966B 1N966B 1N967B 1N968B 1N969B 1N970B 1N971B 1N973B 1N975A 1N975B 1N978B 1N979B 1N980B 1S1588 1S953 1SMA5919BT3 250JB8L 251UL120S20 26MT120A 26MT160A 26MT20A 26MT40A 26MT60A 2KBB60R 2KBP005M 2KBP005M 2KBP01 2KBP01M 2RI100G-160 2W04G 2W04G 2W04M 300U10A 300U120A 300UR30A 300UR60A 301CNQ050 301U200 301UR120M 302U120A 302U120A 302U60A 302UR120A 302UR20A 302UR40A 302UR80A 303U80 303UR80 30CTQ030 30CTQ045 30HFU-500 368D 3909-6 3N254 3SF2 40D6 40HF10 40HF20 40HF60 40HFL100S05 40HFL40S02 40HFLR60S02 40HFR10 40HFR20 40HFR60 4780A95 4AF10RPP 4T40T 501V120 501V160 501VR120 50HQ020 50SQ100 55HQ020 55HQ040 5KP100A 5KP13A 5KP15A 5KP48A 5P50-0085 5P50-0099 5SDD51L2200 5SDD71B0200 60HFU100 60HFU500 60HFUR600 60HQ100 60S1 60S4 60S6 655-960 66-7186 66-7653 6A05 6A05 6A1 6A1 6A1 6A1-BP 6A10 6A10-BP 6A10-TP 6A2 6A2 6A2 6A2 6A4 6A4 6A4-T 6A4-T 6A6 6A6-TP 6A8 6RI100E-080 6RI100G-120 6RI30E-060 6RI30E-080 6RI30G-160 6RI75E-080 6RI75E-080 6TQ045S 701534-03 701819-20AW 70H80A 70HA120 70HF10 70HF160 70HF20 70HFL100S05 70HFL10S02 70HFL20S02 70HFL60S02 70HFLR60S02 70HFR160 70HFR20 70HG10 71HF40 73-4673 73-4674 75HQ020 75U6P43 7A1500 80CNQ040SL 82CNQ030 85CNQ015 85HF160 85HF160M 85HF60 85HFL100S02 85HFL100S10 85HFL20S10 85HFL40S05 85HFL40S10 88HF100 90MT120KB 925214-1B 925214-1B 925431-1B 95-0040 A114A A114M A12F120M A15F A15F cband A16F120 A16FR100 A177M A177M A177NR A177RM A177RPB A187PE A190AX21 A197D A390N A397PD A397PX265 A432LE A540LD A643DE A70M A780DB AT-32011-TR1 AT-32033-TR1 AT-32033-TR1 AT-32033-TRI B125C1500/1000 B250C1500 B40C5000-3300 B80C3700/2200 BA159 BA536-60 BAS16 BAS40-04 BAT54 BAT54A BAT54LT1G BAT85 BAV70W BAV74LT BAV99 BAW56 BB132 BR102 BR104 BR104 BR106 BR251 BR254 BR34 BR352W BR356W BR605 BR64 BR66 BR82 BR82D BR84 BYD33D BYM36C BYM600A170DN2 BYM600A170DN2 BYV26D BYV26D BYV26E BYV27-100 BYV27-200 BYV34-400 BYV34-500 BYV36B BYV73 BYV95B BYW29-150 BYW29-200 BYW31-150 BYW31-200 BYW31-200 BYW55 BYW77-200 BYW77-200M BYW96D BYW96D BYW96E BYW98-200 BYW99P-100 BYX38-1200R BYX38-600R BYX38-900R BYX83-TAP BYY57-700 BZW50-82 BZX84C12LT1 BZX84C18LT1 BZY12 BZZ16 CC241250 CC241250 CD240650 CD511225 CD611216 CD611616 CD612016C CS240610 CS240650 CS241020 CS241210 CS241250 CS411899 CS52-10 CSKE92/08E CVM100BB160 CVM40BB160 D-30A D25N16 M6 D25N16R M6 D4015L D6015L D6025L D659S14T D8025L DAN803 DB101S DB103 DB103G DB104 DB104S DD100KB160 DD100KB160 DD171N1200K DD171N18K DD171N18K DD25F160 DD25F160 DD25F40 DD261N24K DD600N12K DD700N22K DD76N1200K DDB6U205N16L DDB6U60N12K DDB6U90N14K DDD1-402109000 DF005M DF02M DF06 DF06M DF100BA80 DF100LA160 DF150BA80 DF150BA80 DF200AA160 DF20DB80 DF30BA80 DF30DB80 DF40AA120 DF40AA120 DF40BA80 DF451-12 DF60BA40 DF75AA160 DFA200AA160 DFA50BA160 DL4004 DL4007-13 DL4007-T DRD2030F16 DS17-04A DS35-04A DS705-17A DS912SG30 DSA17-12A DSA17-16A DSA35-18A DSA35/12A (-) DSAI35-18A DSAI8-16A DSD17/04 DSD25-12A DSD51/06A DSDI17/04B DSDI35/04A DSDI35/06A DSDI35/12A DSDI51/06A DSDI51/16A DSDI60-18A DSDI71-12A DSDI71/04A DSEI2X30-10B DSEI2X61-06C DSEI30-06A DSEP6-06AS DSI17/02 DSI45-16A DSI75-12A DT106N25/16KOF DT131N1200KOF DT131N12K0F DT131N1400/2000KOC DT142N12K DT180F1000KFL DT250N14K DTC114EAF DTC114YS DTC144EA ECG548 ED411220 ED411820 EFE15F EFG15F EGP10D ERA15-08 ES1D ES483A ESDA25B1 ESM244600R ESM3030DV EU905F EUMT-729M246 F18111S800 F1890D1200 F1890RD1400 F1892CAD1200 F1892RD1200 F500-12 FB5001 FD777 FE6B FEP16DT FEP16JT FEP30DP FES16GT FES16HT FES16JT FES8GT FES8JT FESF8HT FR104 FR105 FR107 FR107 FR156 FR157 FR203 FR207 FR255 FR257 FR302 FR302 FR303 FR304 FR304 FR304GP FR305 FR305-T FR306 FR306 FR307 FR307 FR307 FR307-T FR607 FR803 FR804 FRD100BA60 FRD100CA120 FRP815 FRS200BA60 FRS300BA50 FRS400CA120 FRS400EA200 FRS400EA200 FST20050 FST6045 FST8140 G400CR15SB G4J GBL06 GBPC1202W GBPC1506 GBPC2502 GBPC3506 GBPC3508W GBPC3508W GBPC5004 GBPC5004 GBPC5010 GBPC5010W GBPC810 GBU4A GBU4J GI1102 GI2402 GI2402 GI851 GI856 GP10N(HM) H440 HER103 HER106 HER107 HER108 HER1605C HER204 HER205 HER206 HER207 HER207 HER303 HER305 HER306 HER307 HER307 HER308 HER308 HER508 HER508 HFA08TB60 HFA25TB60 HV07-15 HVF5000 HVP12 ICTE-8 ICTE5 IRD3912 IRD3912 IRKC56/08A IRKD165/12 IRKD600-20 IRKDL56/08S02 IRKE201-12 IRKE270-16 IRKE320-04 IRKE320-16 IRKE91/08 IRKEL71/04S10 IRKL91/14A IRKU91/12A IRKV91/12A J1N5551 JANTX1N4531 JANTX1N4621-1 JANTX1N4962 JANTX1N5809 JANTX1N965B JANTXM19500/483-01 JTX1N4569AUR1 JTX1N5806 JTX1N825-1 JX1N3026B KBC508 KBL04 KBL06 KBP02 KBP204 KBPC04 KBPC10-08W KBPC1005 KBPC1501 KBPC1501 KBPC25/005 KBPC2502W KBPC3502-12 KBPC804 KBPC806 KBU4D KBU6K KBU8G KHP20 KK40F80 LC01-6.TD LCE36A LD411660 LL4148 LL4148-GS08 LL4148INK LS411260 LS411860 M0130RL250 M0139RM120 M0358WC120 M0433WC160 M0433WC200 M0437WC140 M0437WC200 M0759YC160 M0872LC180 M1022LC160 M1494NC250 M2550TB1200 M2837VF180 M50100SB1200 M50100SB600 M50100TB1200 M5050CC600 M5050SB800 M5060CC1200 MB104 MB156W MB254 MB256W MB356W MBD301 MBN1600E17D MBR0520LTI MBR1045 MBR1045 MBR1545CT MBR1545CT MBR1645 MBR1650 MBR2035CT MBR2045CT MBR2060CT MBR2540 MBR3045PT MBR330P MBR350 MBR4045PT MBR4060PT MBR735 MBR745 MBR745 MBR8035 MBRD1035CTL MBRD1035CTLT4 MBRD1035CTLT4G MBRD340T4 MBRD360RL MBRD660CT MDA1200 MDA200 MDA200G MDA942-5 MDA952-1 MDA980-1 MDC55-06IO8 MDD142-18N1 MDD172-12N1 MDD255-16N1 MDD312-12N1 MDD312-22N1 MDD312-22N1 MDD72-16N1B MDD810-14N1 MDD810-18N1 MDD95-16N1B MDD95-22N1B ME101203 MEB00806 MMAD1105 MMBD7000LTI MMBD914 MMBZ5231B MMSZ5231B-7 MPTE-5 MPTE-8 MR1120 MR1130 MR1210SL MR1265FL MR1265FLR MR2506 MR2525L MR500 MR5020 MR5020R MR750 MR752 MR754 MR754 MR754 MR756 MR758 MR760 MR821 MR821 MR822 MR824 MR831 MR850 MR850 MR851 MR852 MR854 MR854 MR856 MR871R MR876R(1K) MUR105 MUR110 MUR1100E MUR115RL MUR120 MUR140 MUR1560 MUR160 MUR1615CT MUR1640CT MUR180E MUR3020PT MUR3040PT MUR4100E MUR420 MUR460 MUR615CT MUR810 MUR815 MUR840 MUR860 MURS120T3 MV2101 MZ2362 ND171N18K NSD7545 P112KW P172 P1Z7ABR700W14 P600G P600M P6KE10CA P6KE13CA P6KE160A P6KE16CA P6KE180CA P6KE18CA P6KE200A P6KE24CA P6KE33CA P6KE33CA P6KE33CA P6KE400 P6KE47A P6KE47CA P6KE6.8A P6KE6.8A P6KE6.8CA P6KE68CA PD10 PD908 PLR818 POT100-08 PP602-53 QRS1450001 R1500F R2000F R2000F R2000F R2050 R23AF12A R23AF20B R3000 R30DR12B0 R30EF24B R3130 R347 R42150TS R43120TS R43120TS R4340 R4360 R4360TS R4360TS R5000610XXZT R5000815XXZU R5001215XXYA R5001215ZV R5001415WA R5001615XX R5011415WA R5021210RSWAB14 R5031413LSWA R504120 R504160 R50460 R50460TS R5111215XXYA R5360 R6002025 METRIC R6002025XXYA R6002625XXYA R600265XXYA R6011630XXYA R6012430XXYA R6012525(M) R6012625XXYA R6100230ZC R6110630ZT R6202030 R6203030C14 R6A10630 R7001203UA R7001204UA R7004003 R711 R711X R7200212XXOO R7222505AS R7S00212A14 R7S01212XX R7S01612XX R7S02012A14 R7S02212A14 R7S02412A14 R9G01218XX RA201248XX RB152 RB153 RB154 RB155 RC202 RC203 RGP10J RGP10M RGP30G RGP30M RL157 RL207-TP RL257 RL754 RL856 RM150DZ-2H RM250DZ-2H RM300HA-24F RM50HA-12F RM50HG-12S RS201L RS202L RS204L RS206LG RS401L RS402L RS404L RS405L RS604 RW005M S2F S30D40C S30EF12A S37A S4260TS S4310 S43120TS S43120TS S43120TS S4340TS S4340TS S4360TS S4360TS S4360TS S4380TS S4380TS S504120 S50460 S52K10B S5320 SA15A SA264 SA33A SA3573 SA5.0A SA6668 SA8738 SB160 SB320 SB340 SB350 SB390 SB520 SB540 SB540 SB560 SB560 SB804G SBL1645 SC37703A02 SC37703A03 SC37703A3 SC37706E08 SC3BA2 SCAJ2F SD103A SD103A SD1500C20L SD150N10P SD150N25PC SD300C04C SD300C12C SD300C16C SD400N06 SD400R18PC SD403C04S20C SD403C08S10C SD600N08PC SD600N32PC SDD201M12M SF12 SF12 SF14-T SF16 SF163A SF163C SF164C SF166C SF24 SF26 SF56 SGL41-30 SHV-24 SK1G10 SK4FDD20/06 SK55B06F SK70D08 SKB25/12 SKB25/12 SKB30/16A1 SKB33/04 SKB33/06 SKB33/12 SKB50/02A3 SKB50/16A3 SKB60/08 SKBB250/220-4 SKBB250C1000L5B SKBB40C3701/2201 SKBB500C5000/3300 SKBH28/12 SKBH28/14 SKBT40/08 SKD100/16 SKD110/18 SKD145/16 SKD30/08A1 SKD30/12A1 SKD30/16A1 SKD50/08A3 SKD60/04 SKD60/04 SKD62/16 SKDH41/06 SKKD100/08 SKKD100/16 SKKD115F/12 SKKD15/12 SKKD160M/12 SKKD162/16 SKKD170M/17(EQ) SKKD170M19 SKKD1M40/12 SKKD20/06 SKKD201/02 SKKD201/08-2 SKKD201/12 SKKD21/12 SKKD260/22 SKKD2M100/12 SKKD40M/12 SKKD700/08 SKKD81/12 SKKE100/12 SKKE131/08 SKKE1M40/06 SKKE1M40/12 SKKE1M40/12K5 SKKE201/08L1 SKKE240M/08L1 SKKE2M100/04 SKKE2M100/12 SKKE330F/17 SKKE330F/17 SKKE330F16 SKKE46/12 SKKE600/16 SKKE600F/12 SKMD150F12 SKMD20/02 SKMD2M100/12 SKN100/12 UNF SKN100/12UNF SKN136F15M SKN140F/12M SKN140F17M SKN1M40/04 SKN1M40/10 SKN20/12 SKN240/04M SKN26/04 SKN2M100/06 SKN501/30 SKN60F15 SKN70/12UNF SKN71/04M SKN71/12(M) SKNA2/17 SKND105F/12 SKND120S40 SKND120S60 SKND165/08 SKND20/04 SKND20/06 SKND200S60 SKND81/12 SKR130/12M SKR130/12M SKR130/12UNF SKR135F/12UNF SKR141F/17 SKR1M40/02 SKR1M40/06 SKR240/02M SKR240/08 SKR240/12UNF SKR26/02M SKR2F17/10 SKR320/12 (UNF) SKR45/02M SKR70/12UNF SKR71/10 SKR71/12M SKR71/12UNF SM04PCN024 SM04PCR024 SM06PCR024 SM08PCR024 SM10PCR024 SM10PCR070-2 SM12CXC220M/Q SM12PCN024 SM12PCR024 SM12PCR074 SM12PHN100 SM13CXC314 SM14PHN170 SM14PHR170 SM16CXC190 SM16CXC224 SM16PCN050 SM18CXC724 SM20CXC174 SM20CXC176 SM20CXC224 SM20PHN174 SM26CXC474 SM4001 SMAJ150A-13-F SMAT70A-13-F SMBJ150A SMBJ150A-TR SMBJ6.5A SMBJ6.5CA SMCG36A SMCJ12A SR105 SR140-B SR160 SR1640A SR1650C SR1660C SR200AV-90 SR360 SR540 SSIF3860 SSIL17100 SSIL1760 SSIL2060 SSIL2080 STTB12006TV1 SW06CXC14C SW06CXC19C SW06PCR024 SW12CXC565 SW12PCN012 SW12PCN020 SW12PHN400 SW16CXC14C SW16CXC950 SW16PCN012 SW16PCN020 SW18PHR380 SW20CXC320 SW24PHN380 T6A100 T6A40L (6A4) T6A80L T70HFL100S05 T85HFL100S05 TA150/005 TA150/12 TA150/12 TA150/12R TA150/16 TA150/16R TA70/04 TB104G TB254 TB34 TB66 TDB6HK165N16LOF TF156 TF303 THV508 TMPD914LTI TVS430 TVS505 TVS510 U08A60 U15A60 U30D40CJ UDZTE-17 UES1306 UES2401 UES703 UES801 UES801 UES801R UES803R UES806R UF4001 UF4004 UF4005 UF4007 UF4007 UF4007 UF5404 UFR7020 UFR7280 UFR7280R UGF7.5 UMB9NTN UMD6-N-TR USD4045S USD640C USD840 UTG1821-1 UTR3320 VBO30-16N07 VE08 VF25-5 VF5-20X VH447 VH447 VHE1401 VHE1402 VHE1403 VHE2403 VHE2403A VHE2404 VHF28-08IO5 VHO55-08IO7 VJ648M VK248 VL647 VM08X VM28 VR61-SS VS447 VS648 VS848 VSK540 VUB160-16NOX VUO160-16N07 VUO190-16N07 VUO25-18N07 VUO50-12N03 VUO50-14N03 VUO52-16N01 VUO82-16N07 VYA400XT VYB400X VYB400XT W04M W0508RA120 W0735RA150 W0735SA150 W1185LC450 W1524LC240 W2054NC450 W4534NC060 ZL10 ZL22 ZM4747A ZM5248B ZX30