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An IGBT (insulated-gate bipolar transistor) is a three-terminal power semiconductor device primarily used as an electronic switch which, as it was developed, came to combine high efficiency and fast switching. It consists of four alternating layers (P-N- P-N) that are controlled by a metal-oxide- semiconductor (MOS) gate structure without regenerative action. Although the structure of the IGBT is topologically the same as a thyristor with a MOS gate (MOS gate thyristor), the thyristor action is completely suppressed and only the transistor action is permitted in the entire device operation range. It switches electric power in many applications: variable-frequency drives, electric cars, trains, variable speed refrigerators, lamp ballasts, air-conditioners and even stereo systems with switching amplifiers.

Since it is designed to turn on and off rapidly, amplifiers that use it often synthesize complex waveforms with pulse-width modulation and low-pass filters. In switching applications modern devices feature pulse repetition rates well into the ultrasonic range—frequencies which are at least ten times the highest audio frequency handled by the device when used as an analog audio amplifier.

Part Numbers

1MBH25-120 1MBI1600U4C-120 1MBI1600U4C-120(DS) 1MBI300L-060 1MBI300S-120 1MBI400NN-120 1MBI600PX-120 2MBI100PC-140 2MBI150NC-060 2MBI150NC-120 2MBI150NC-120 2MBI200-060 2MBI200N-120 2MBI300N-060 2MBI300S-120 2MBI300S-120 2MBI75F-120 2MBI75N-120 2MBI75N-120 6MBI100F-060 6MBI10F-060 6MBI15S-120 6MBI25J-120 6MBI25J-120 6MBI25S-120 6MBI50F-060 6MBI8L-120 7MBR25NF-120 7MBR25NF-120 7MBR25SA-120 7MBR25SA-120 7MBR50NE-060 BSM100GAL120DN2 BSM100GB120DN11 BSM100GB120DN2 BSM100GB60DLC BSM100GD120DN2 BSM100GD120DN2 BSM15GD120DN2E3224 BSM15GD120DN2E3224 BSM200GA120DN2 BSM200GAL120DLC BSM200GAL120DN2 BSM20GP60 BSM25GD120DN2 BSM25GD120DN2 BSM25GD120DN2E3224 BSM300GA120DN11S BSM300GA120DN2 BSM300GA120DN2 BSM300GB60DLC BSM400GA120DL BSM400GA170DL BSM400GA170DLC BSM400GA170DLC BSM400GB60DN2 BSM50GB120DN2 BSM50GB60DLC BSM50GD120DN2 BSM50GD120DN2 BSM50GD120DN2E3226 BSM50GX120DN2 BSM75GAL120DN2 BSM75GB120DN2 BSM75GD120DN2 CM100DY-24H CM100DY-24H CM100DY-24NF CM100E3Y-12E CM150DU-12F CM150DU-12H CM150DU-12H CM150DU-12H CM150DY-12E CM150DY-12H CM150DY-24A CM150DY-24H CM15TF-12H CM200DU-24H CM200DY-12H CM200DY-24E CM200HA-24H CM20MD-12H CM300DU-12F CM300DU-12F CM300DU-12H CM300DU-24NFH CM300DY-28H CM300HA-12H CM300HA-12H CM30TF-12H CM400DY-12H CM400HA-24H CM400HA-24H CM400HA-28H CM400HA-28H CM400HA-28H CM400HA-34H CM500HA-34A CM50DU-24F CM600DU-24NF CM600DU-24NFH CM600DY-24A CM600DY-24A CM600DY-34H CM600HA-24A CM600HA-24H CM600HA-24H CM600HA-24H CM600HA-28H CM600HA-28H CM600HA-5F CM75DU-12F CM75TU-12F CM75TU-12F F4-150R12KS4 FD300R12KE3 FD300R12KS4 FF1200R17KE3-B2 FF1400R12IP4 FF300R12KE3 FF300R17KE3 FF400R12KE3 FF400R12KE3 FF450R12KT4 FF600R12KL4C FS150R12KE3G FS150R12KF4 FS400R12KF4 FS450R12KE3 FS450R17KE3 FZ1200R12KF1 FZ1200R17KF4 FZ1600R12HP4 FZ1600R12KE3 FZ1600R12KE3 FZ1800R16KF4-S1 FZ2400R17KF6CB2 FZ400R12KE3 FZ400R17KE3 FZ600R12KE3 FZ600R12KE3B1 FZ600R17KE3 FZ800R17KF6B2 FZ800R17KF6CB2 GCA75AA60 GT50J102 IS626030 IXGH20N60A IXGH24N60A IXSH24N60AU1 MG100J2YS9 MG100J6ES52 MG100N1JS1 MG150J1BS11 MG150J1JS50 MG150J2YS11 MG200N1US1 MG200Q1US51 MG200Q2YS40 MG25J1BS11 MG25J6ES42 MG25Q2YS9 MG25Q6ES51 MG300J1US51 MG300J1US51 MG300J1US51 MG300J2YS50 MG300Q1US42 MG300Q2YS50 MG300Q2YS50 MG400J1US42 MG400J2YS40 MG400Q1US1 MG400Q1US11 MG50Q6ES1 MG75J2YS40 MG75Q2YS1 MG75Q2YS51 MG90V2YS40 MID100-12A3 MID75-12A3 MIG20J901H MIG30J103H MIG30J901H PM100CVA120 PM150DSA120 PM200DHA120 PM200DSA120 PM30CSJ060 PM400HSA120 PM800HSA120 SKD75GAL123D SKM100GB121D SKM195GB063D SKM200GAL173D SKM200GB174D SKM22GD121D SKM22GD123D SKM300GB124D SKM400GA123D SKM400GA128D SKM400GA173D SKM400GA173D SKM400GB128D SKM400GB12T4 SKM500GA123D SKM500GA128D SKM50GAL123D SKM600GA124D SKM600GA125D SKM600GB126D SKM75GAL123D VDI100-12S3 VID50-12S3