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  • ABB
  • Crydom
  • Eupec
  • Fuji Electric
  • Hutson
  • Infineon
  • Internation Rectifier
  • IXYS
  • Microsemi
  • MOSPEC Semiconductor
  • Powerex
  • Rectron
  • SanRex
  • SemiKron
  • Silicon Power
  • Toshiba
  • Westcode



An IC (integrated circuit or monolithic integrated circuit, a chip, or a microchip) is a set of electronic circuits on one small flat piece (or "chip") of semiconductor material, normally silicon. The integration of large numbers of tiny transistors into a small chip results in circuits that are orders of magnitude smaller, cheaper, and faster than those constructed of discrete electronic components. The IC's mass production capability, reliability and building-block approach to circuit design has ensured the rapid adoption of standardized ICs in place of designs using discrete transistors.

ICs have two main advantages over discrete circuits: cost and performance. Cost is low because the chips, with all their components, are printed as a unit by photolithography rather than being constructed one transistor at a time. Packaged ICs use much less material than discrete circuits. Performance is high because the IC's components switch quickly and consume comparatively little power because of their small size and close proximity.

Part Numbers

072CP 082CP 0840006PSC 0844204PSC 0847004PSC 084MJ/883B 1009CZ 10104NA 10104P 10109LC 10114L 10116P 10125P 10135L 10145LD 1017MH 1019CN8-5 1071CT 109KMQB 10CLN 10CWM 10H100FN 10H124P 10H166P 10H176P 110 111DE/883B 11414 11423 1151 1175- 117H 117H/883 117K/STEEL/883C 1180-P 8601401CA 119J 11A1 11AA1 11G1 11L1 1203N 1232N 124AJ 124J 1254CN 127 12H6CN 12L10NC 12L6A2NC 1303N 1330A1P 135 136 8418001XA/C 137 137 137H 138 139 1391N 1397 139AJB/BCAJC 139FKB 139J 14000UBCP 14002B 14002BCP 14012BCP 14013BCP 14022BCP 14023BCP 14023UBCP 14024BCPDS 14028BAL 14028BCP 14044BCP 14046BCP 14050BCP 14051BCP 14066BCP 14068BCP 14069UBCP 14077BCP 14070BCP 14099BCP 140AK-5 1415 14504BCP 14528BCP 1455P1DS 1458P 1458N 1458N 1458N 1458SPI 1458TC 146818P 3846N 1489ALD 1489AP 1489PC 148J 1496L 14L4CN 14L4NC 150K/883C 1520AP 1555G 1558G 1558H 1558U 15833N 158J 158JGB 1648L 16C1JC 16L8-25CN 16R6ANC 16R6BNC 16V8-25LNC 1741CL 17I 1805P 1812N 181BP 185H-1.2 1870CA-001 1871N 1875T 1877N-9 1889N 189BP 192H 193JG 2003A 2004A 2004A 2016HN55 201AN 201CJ 2040 2040 2064-50PD48C 2069B 209K/STEEL 20R4-15CNT 20R4BCNS 21022PC 2114AL-1 2114LC-1 21142PC 2150-45NT 21B1 2200 2204CP 2211CP 2211CP 224J 22V10PC 236AH-2.5 239N 25 2501-1 2532A-35JL 2575T-5.0 2577 25918N 2.60E+03 25LS163PC 25LS2521PC 25LS2521PCB 25LS2569PCB 2604 2611A 2651CC1N28 2681AC1N40 26LS31DC 26LS32PC 27128AP-15 27128D-15 2716DC 27256DC 272M 2764 2764-25 2764A-20 2764A-3DC 2764A-4 2764ADC12-5V 27C010A-15JL 27C010A-15JL 27C010A-20JL 27C512-15FA 27C512Q150 27C64-255DC 27LS01DC 27S20PC 27S35DC 2817A 74BCT2827C 2900N 2901N-14 2901N 2901N 2901N 2902N 2903N 2904N 2907N 2910ADC 2917APC 292J 2930T-5.0 2931AT-5.0 2931AZ-5 2940CT-15 2940CT-5.0 2940DC 2950DC 296H-12 29823PC 298N 29C101DC 2E 2 3000V1 3010 301AHC 301AP 301AT 3020Z 3021 302AJ 302AJ/CJ 302CJ 3037 3040 305 3052V 306H 3086N 308H 308T 3102 311 311H 311J 311N 311P 311P 3120NC 3123 3132NC 3140E 3140U 3151E 317D 317H 317HVK/STEEL P+ 317K/STEEL 317LZ 317T 317T 317T 318H 318J 318J-8 318P 319H 319N 319N 319N 32 320K-5.0 320K-5.0 322AJ/CJ 322AL/CL 322CJ 322CL 3242AP 324AN 325AL/CL 325CL 33 3301P 3302N 3302N 3302P 335Z 331N 332- 332AJ/CJ 332CJ 332CL 333CJ 333CL 335Z 336BZ-2.5 336Z-2.5 336Z-5 337K 337K 337K 337LZ 337T 337T 337T 339AN 339AN 339J 339N 339N 339N 339PC 33C93-P 34002P 34014P 3401N 340AT-12 340AT-15P+ 340K-5.0 341P5 3423P 342CJ 3450P 345K-5.0 346N 347CL 348DC 348N 348N 35 350K/STEEL P+ 35212AE 3524N 3524N 353N 3561A 356H 356N 358AN 358N 35DZ 36 3612M 361H 361N 370N 372AL/CL 372CL 375AL 375AL/CL 375CL 3764A-15 380N 380N-8 383CJ 3846N 38510/01203BE 38510/01203BE 385BM-1.2 385BZ-1.2 385Z-1.2 385Z-2.5V 386M-1 386N-1 386N-1 3870-40 387N 3880N-4 3882N-4 389N 3906 390N 3915N 392N 393AN 393H 393P 393N 395T 398H 4000CN 4001AE 4001AF/3 4001BE 4001BP 4007UBD 4011BCN 4011BPC 4011BP 4012AE 4013BPC 4015BE 40163BEX 4016BFN 401A 4023BCN 4023BE 4023BP 4024L 4024P 4013BCN 403A 4046BE 4049CN 4050B 4051BCN 4051BE 4250CN 4066BE 74C04N 4069UBPC 4070BE 4081BCN 411ACN 411CN 41256C-15 41256P-15 412A 412CN 4256-10NL 431ACZ T/R 43256AC-12L 4416-15NL 442ACN 444MD/883C 4464-10NL 446C-3 4501DG253 4514BT(SMT) 4564P-20 4724BCN 4800 494PC 497ACN 502A 508ACJ 510JH 51320P 521N 537KD 53C256LS-10 53C256LS-80 5404J 5406J 5407J 54121J/883C 54136J 54150J 54161AJ 54646AP 5476J 54ALS541J 54ALS573BJ 54AS02J 54AS11J 54FCT244DMQB 54HCT00F 54HCT08F 54HCT138F 54HCT175F 54HCT74F 54L74J/883 54LS138J 54LS157J/BEAJC 54LS161AJ 54LS175/BEAJC 54LS175J/883C 54LS244J 54LS32-J 54LS85DMQB 54LS86J/883C 5516A-300 5517AF-2(SMT) 5532N 555N 555N 555CN 555H/883C 555J 555P 556N 5589P-25 561JD 5675CP 567CN 5754M 581JH 590JH 592N 5C15 6116LFP-3 6116P-3 6116P-4 6167P-8 6167P 62A 630PC 6359N 63S1681N 63S481AN 6502ACE 667JN 67401AJ 67401AN 67402J 67413AJ 710CN 710DC 711CN 711T 7136CPL 718(MC1304P) 718 71 722 723CN 723J/883 725CN 7301 733CN 733CN 74S38N 7401N 7403N 7406N 7406N 7406PC 7407N 7407PC 7409N 74107N 74120N 74125N 74126N 74128N 7412N 74132N 74148N 7414N 74153 74153N 74155N 741TC 74174N 7417N 74180N 74180N 74180N 74181DC 74181J 74181N 74182 74182N 741D(DIP) 741NB1 7420N 7422N 7423N 7426N 74273N 74279N 7427N 7430N 74367N 74368AN 74368N 7437N 7437N 7437N 7438N 7440N 7442N 7445N 7447AN 7451N 7453N 7470N 747DMQB 747CP 747J 748CN 7496N 7496N 74ACT8997NT 74ALS08N 74ALS1004N 74ALS1035N 74ALS10AN 74ALS163BN 74ALS21AN 74ALS245AN 74ALS257D 74ALS32D 74ALS373N 74ALS520N 74ALS520N 74ALS574AN 74ALS646NT 74ALS832AN 74ALS873ANT 74AS00N 74AS244N 74AS257N 74AS32N 74AS760N 74C14N 74C174N 74C192N 74C193N 74C240N 74C244J 74C244N 74C32N 74C42N 74C89J 74C89N 74C920J 74F00PC 74F02PC 74F04PC 74F08PC 74F10N 74F112N 74F112N 74F138N 74F157APC 74F175N 74F193 74F244N 74F245N 74F245PC 74F257N 74F32N 74F32N 74F368N 74F373PC 74F377D 74F544SPC 74FCT374TS0 74H01N 74H04N 74H103N 74H11N 74H11N 74H74N 74HC00 74HC00E 74HC00N 74HC02AN 74HC03N 74HC04(SMT) 74HC04D 74HC04D 74HC04E 74HC04NM 74HC112N 74HC123AP 74HC123B1 74HC123E 74HC125P 74HC132P 74HC137E 74HC138 74HC139AN 74HC14N 74HC157 74HC157N 74HC161M 74HC161N 74HC163N 74HC164 74HC165D 74HC165E 74HC173(SMT) 74HC175N 74HC191E 74HC240A 74HC240N 74HC251N 74HC257 74HC257P 74HC259N 74HC30N 74HC32E 74HC32N 74HC32N 74HC367 74HC367P 74HC373N 74HC374AN 74HC374AN 74HC374AN 74HC393E 74HC393N 74HC4020 74HC4020N 74HC4053 74HC4060T(SMT 74H40N 74HC4514N 74HC574N 74HC677NT 74HC08N 74HC688N 74HC74AN 74HCT00N 74HCT02E 74HCT04N 74HCT08N 74HCT147EX 74HCT244-2N 74HCT244N 74HCT251N 74HCT373-2N 74HCT373P 74HCT541E 74HCTLS00N 74HCTLS373N 74LS164N 74LS00N 74LS00N 74LS01N 74LS02N 74LS03N 74LS04N 74LS04N 74LS05N 74LS05PC 74LS107N 74LS109AN 74LS10N 74LS10PC 74LS112AJ 74LS11N 74LS11N 74LS125AN 74LS125AN 74LS132N 74LS139AN 74LS139N 74LS145J 74LS14N 74LS151N 74LS153N 74LS153N 74LS156N 74LS165AN 74LS165N 74LS165PC 74LS175N 74LS175N 74LS195AN 74LS22N 74LS240N 74LS240N 74LS241PC 74LS257N 74LS258AN 74LS258PC 74LS259N 74LS260N 74LS260NDS 74LS266N 74LS279AN 74LS27N 74LS27N 74LS280N 74LS283N 74LS283N 74LS30N 74LS364N 74LS365APC 74LS367AJ 74LS367AN 74LS367AN 74LS373 74LS373N 74LS374B1 74LS38AN 74LS38N 74LS40N 74LS42N 74LS51N 74LS51N 74LS54N 74LS645N 74LS73N 74LS74AN 74LS74AN 74LS74AN 74LS74APC 74LS74BI 74LS75N 74LS85P 74LS96N 74S00N 74S00N 74S00N 74S04N 74S04PC 74S05N 74S08N 74S109PC 74S10N 74S112N 74S112N 74S113N 74S11N 74S11PC 74S132N 74S138AN 74S138N 74S138N 74S138PC 74S140N 74S157N 74S157PC 74S15N 74S15N 74S163J 74S169N 74S175PC 74S194DQR 74S194N 74S194N 74S195J 74S195J-B 74S195N 74S20N 74S20N 74S20PC 74S240N 74S241N 74S251N 74S251N 74S257N 74S257N 74S260F 74S260N 74S280N 74S287N 74S299N 74S374D 74S373J 74S373N 74S374N 74S374N 74S374N 74S387J 74S38N 74S51N 74S65N 74S734N 74S74N 74S74N 74S86N 74S86N 75108P 75110AN 75115N 75115N 75122J 75123N 75138N3-L2 75150P 75154N 75154PC 75158P 75325J 75361AP 75369P 75451BP 75451N 75452BP 75453N 75454N 75461P 75491N 761 7611-5 7650CPD 7805 7805ACT 7805ACT 7805C 7806CK 7808C 7808CT 7809 7815ACT 7815CK 7815FA 7815K 7815UC 7824 7831 78L05ACZ 78L08 78L09AC 78L15AWC 78L15CG 78M05CV 78M06UC 78M12A 78M12CT 78M12CT 78S05CV 7905ACT 7905UC 7906CP 7906CT 7908CT 7910 7912C 7912CK 7912CT 7915ACT 7915CT 7918CT 7924C 7924CK 7990DC 7992BDC 7996DC 7996PC 79L05ACP 79L05ACP 79L05ACZ 79M05C 79M05CP 79M08CT 79M12AHC 79M12AUC 79M12CH 8020H 8021 80286-10 8031 8031AH 8035L 80387-16 8039 8039AHL 8039HL 8048H 8049AH 8049C 8049H 8049H 8049HC 8049P-6 8080A/B 8085A 8085A-2 8085A-2 8085AH-1 8085AH-2 8085AHC 8085APC 8086 8088 8088 8088-2 8088-2 8136 8155 8155 8156C 8156PC 8158F 827 8177PC 820M 8212 8216C 8224 82284-6 8237A-5 8237A-5 8237-5 8251B 8253-5 8253-5 82530-6 8253C 8253C-5 8254 8255AC-2 8259A 8259A 8275 8279 8279-5PC 8283 8288 8288D 82C55AP-5 82C604A(PLCC68) 82C84A 82S105AN 82S123AD 82S123F 82S191CN3 82S191N 8312N 8400PS 8410ABI 8410APS 8430AB1 8464-15L 84C00-4PE 857P 8641N 87C51CCN40 8833N 8T98LDS 9012 9030M 9114CPC 91L02APC 92- ECG964 9214DC 9305DC 9312DC 9312PC 944PC 946PC 9516A-6PC 9516ADC 9516DC 9517A-1PC 9517A-5PC 9517ADC 9517APC 9601DC 9616DC 962DC 9636ACP 2764 8748 8820N 117 4136N 671P 75469N 74221N 74HC123AN 74180DC 74182B 74181N 124J 11A1 2950CZ5.0 521-1G 2764A 74HC27N 7815KC 1170S 74LS259BN 3082F 6203 7812ACT 2110 3082F 2732DC 725HC 74ALS151N 3183E 1085CT 78M05CT 1045CN 2004A 34119P 8255AC-2 4801AN-1 224N 3653B 5415A 7107CPL 7660IN 7170IPG 6134AIN 124J 4044BE 7400N 574AKD 1074CT 124J 4027BE 137K 4538BCN 5204Q 1585CT-3.3 317H 2732A-3DC 2716-1F1 567KD 4049UBE 74173N 79M12CT 7912ACT 74HC85N 07CJ 34CZ 558KN 3240E 93C46N 7705ACP 74HCT573AN 6840L 74ACT573PC 80C88 1054CN8 75161AN 75160BN 330T-5 74ACT244PC 74ACT125PC 690CPA 4075BE 2406T 317LZ 7106CPL 27S185PC 75160BN 75161AN 2730 589JH 140K-5 17-3.200D 7806CT 748CN 748TC 521LD 730A 694JN 628128LP-10 62256LP-12 35 333AJ/CJ 342AJ/CJ 2917N-8 2907N 306H 8640N 74HC77B1 4042BE 74HC564E 1555C 74HC541B1R 7410J 337H 976 2427T 7555IPA 747CJ Apr-35 1213C 741H 2405T 350T 1558Q 7486PC 662AIN 6330-1J 74HCT14N 1526 3875T 081CP 29EE010904CPH 75112N 2940T-5.0P+ 75188N 2631 93C46 4007CN 7117CPL 14538BCP 14538BDP 2803A 1675A 27128 0002CH 7805CD2TR 111J-8 7386 7024M 2416T 3844N 73410 7809CV 384N 7500B 308AH 723CN 74LS165AN 4881 4851 1232 411CN 74LS541N 412CN 444CN 74LS06N 7407N 8405S 1-201HS-5 34114P 74F521N 74F521N 348N 3882 2803A 1881N 0032CG 35 7806CT 4044P 347BN 2407T 311N 8254 317LZ 298KV 339N 7815C 4040BE 8251A 331CL 331AL/CL 7805C 7805 320K-5 2069B 6167P-6 1220AB 6387 1935-PL 35 1455P1 084100PSC 5490AJ/BCAJC 320K-12 320K-12 340T-15 8051AH 79M12AHC 74HC00N 2114AL-1 16R6DCN 7438N 8440ABI 74LS10N 0804LCN 340T-5 1019CN8-10 16C1CN 74LS164N 7410N 17358 74S472N 8048H 74HC08AN 74S163N 817 380N 74S112N 306AL 74LS132 74C192N 340T-15 725CH 12H6NC 8279 8251A 74LS04N 7438N 74164N 34163P 74H30N 2073D 07CP 74HC174P 1400P-55 710CN 74HC132N 74HC175N 74HC74D 81256-15 74H30N 74AS821D 74F258D 1935PL-10 1935PL-12 3122V 10114L 74C917N 28 74F259N 2074B 01CP 1031H2 6264P-10 6264LP-10 62256P-10 302AJ/CJ 372AL/CL 372AL/CL 372AL/CL 27C010A-20JL 567CN 317HVK/STEEL 8820N 8820N 74ALS373N 74S38N 20R4BCNS 20R4BCNS 8177PC 6387 7470N 7470N 1232 3082F 1207N 3302P 135 581 2941TP+ 370N 370N 741CN 741CN 7437N 7496N 74C89J 74C89N 74F521N 1489P 1489P 82C55AP-5 1054CN8 8640N 3401N 16L8-25CN 9517A-5PC 50256P-15 74155N 2405T 3-6434-9 (TD) 2941CTP+ 1207N 1207AN 10010DC 1220B 59700192-001 431-0066426 8224N 308H 7432N 1281N 7915MK 556N 74HC10 3-6434-9 412CN 74HCT14N 8039AHL 1085CT-3.3 741CP 741CP 34064P-5 7673 1876T 1064CN 8255A-5 74AS639N 74LS85P 7815C 02CP 51104L 2804A 7348 7420N 2804A 14538BCP 74AC573N 7408N 7402N 74LS14N 74LS14N 74LS14N 248J 7420P 75175N 7385 200CV 17-II 1455P1D 3914N 3876T 7410PC 5010GN 6103Q 74HC595D 4505A 6264LP-12 4510BE 398N 398N 37 337T 319N 581JH 581JH 4601D 0804LCN 7812CT 765CPA 74ACT521D 74HC139N 74F38D 555P 75189AN 79L12ACP 7808CT 74HCT374E 8212CPA 74F125D 441CN 82C302A 27C512-20 61C16S70L 61C01P40 75C01AP-80 5863P-35 514100-80R 754410NE 358N 74221N 7700CP 3525AN 3525AN 1013CN8 27C1001-10F1 74HC688M 74HC688M 74HCT373AM 74HCT373M1R 74LS122D 74HCT541M1R 74HCT273ADW 74HC05D 74HCT14M1R 74HCT14D 74HC595AD 74HC682D 2931AM-5.0 2078CS8 1376CS8-5 1113CS8 7228ABR 7875KP 9760AR 9752AR 9050BRS 96687BR 272AIN 139J 392N 74HC107N 2924N 80C320-MCG 80C32 10H125P 295103BN 340S-5.0P+ 16C710-04/P 16F872-I/S0 16LF876-041/S0 16C72A-04/S0 508AU 124U 6484AIM 6064AIM 221CUE 441DY 408DY 24LC01B1/SN 441DY 111-20JC 111-15JC-18JI 245A-15JC 4574BWM 245-25JC 22V10Q-15JC/5 1231S-20 71256L35Y 49FCT805S0 3032CS-12BC 3032NS-10BC 78F4046GC 2595S-ADJP+ 29C257-12JC 666CPA 2576T-ADJP+ 504CSD 508ADY 199-35VC 873ACSA 2596S-5.0P+ 1232SN 2931S-5.0 441DY 5626CD 221CUE 5450BN 2312 93LC86/SN 24C16BE/SN 78L05ACM 358N 74HC74N 40106BCN 1678 (8PIN/SMT) 74HCT573AD 74HCT374AD 68B09P 324M 74HCT138AD 667JN 8470AB1 1174CN8-5 74HC74D 3525AN 74HC00M 324AM 74ACT04PC 358AM 022415DP 1286 1628CG 27C256-120DC 27C512-150DC 13600N 1582T 1581T 1585CT 24C16N 6484AIN 3503L 685TL 74HC4016N 120S 120S 120S 120U 2830AU-3.3 2810AT-3.3 74LS245N 74HCT138N 620AN 1581T-2.5 2937ET-5.0 2716Q 4601 4601 4601 2830AT-3.3 02CP 2815AT-2.5 27C1001-10F1 074CN 1582T-2.5 1078CN8 9513ADC 74HCT32N 312AJ 74HCT86N 311M 385BZ-2.5 8257C-5 1489P 2730 431ACLP 1085CT-5 74C374N 74LS06NSR 49 4N49 311H 74LS07N 2653A 74LS06N 74LCX00D 691CN 74LS192PC 74LS192N 74LS00N 14585BCP 78L12ACP 78L05APTXFC 74LS245N 74S00N 74S00PC 74S74N 74LS00N 74LS00PC 74LS10PC 74LS00N 74S04N 74S04PC 4000CN 319N 74H40N 14001BCP 90GP 8172 309K 309K 309K 7400N 75LBC180N 3876TF 120S 9009DC 2918PC 4116-3N 74LS257AN 416D-3 55257PL-10 8288S 2954W 4960 93S46PC 1172CS8 1084CT 741CN 5815A 8264A-12 4027N-3 8224N 74LS193N 74LS193N 431CP 7818CT 2616Q 74ACT8999NT 2031 7905CT 78M12UC 93S46PC 4164P-15 8200P 74F244N 74F244PC 2464-12 74LS373N 74LS373N 592AN 592N 2068B 2068B 7610SP 7605SP 1039 4765T 8251A 7490AN 1872A 33172D 74HC540N 78L15ACH 7442L 3842AN 74HCT374N 74HCT374N 14532BCP 1233N 832P 74LS04N 3080 (CAN) 20L8ACNS 22V10-15DC 20R6ACNS 20L8ACNS 20L8ACNS 2731 54LS245J 7490PC 74ALS27N 4116N-3 310N 7411N 4023AE 75154N 7409N 16H8PC 8253P-5 5M5256P-15L 8259AC-2 8259AP 7815CV 14053BCP 4559D 1175P 8264A-12 5K4164ANP-12 592AN 741CH 2708 621 4164AP-15 4710CV 7476N 7447AN 308H 308ATC 74LS123N 74LS123N 74LS123N 74HCT238E 2730 8160A 74F04N 74F04N 74LS20B1 75361APTD 14584BCP 71054C 347N 347N 340AT-5 320T-15 8835N 14023AL 4164-15NL 1812P 26LS32PC 25S09PC 9304PC 74F273N 2917N-8 3130E 3054 4564N-20 4053BE 74S174N 91781P 3146E 25S07PC 8T98N 3130E 3130E 3130E 4066BE 139JG 74LS08N 74LS193P 2615PC 74AS245N 74S283N 25LS138PC 2068B 1180P 4015BE 74LS10N 74LS125AN 9002CN 74LS156 14502BCP 7523JN 74HC221AN 741CH 741CH 3403P 74LS93N 74LS138N 0844CCN 340T-5 74LS93N 74LS93N 74F374PC 9314PC 8291 150K-STEEL-MIL 14077BCP 8T26A 74LS138N 74LS14PC 21021PC 54S11J 74H05N 74LS192N 7490N 1488P 1488P 14070BCP 8255AP-5 783CKC 844P 844P 145106P 1014DN 4116-20NL 3023 311H 74LS08N 14066BCP 1180P (PULLS) 74HC86N 301AN 1519A F LEAD 311TC 74C914N 7812CV 74HCT574N 3525A 845P 4081BE 7815CV 11G2 74HCT74AN 2903M 74HC4066N 74LS194AN 301AHC 3080A(CAN) 9379A 34119P 74S112N 320C 74HC74N 11235 74LS75N3 74LS75N 74LS75N 74LS139N 340T-12 393H 30130 74LS244N 74LS244N 74LS244N 74LS244N 74LS244PC 74LS244N 501AM 73907 74LS244N(TD) 3886T 11235 340T-12 340T-12 74LS139PC 74LS157PC 55003 74S08PC 74S51PC 340KC-5.0 7402 74HC273E 78L18AZ 7809F 83A 1170S 071CP 74HC595AN 1408P8 74HC595N 0808LCN 0808LCN 350T 1054CN8 6484AIM 3900N 390N 7493AN 7473N 703KH-B1(PULLS) 3900N 3082F 13600N 837N 2068B 429E 8 74HC4078N 74HC4078N 74HCT273N 4558D 14052BCP 4053BP 494CN 27128A-20CP 27C128-15 27C128-15 340T-12 317T 1805P 2003A 2003A 1748 8284AD 6A900959X 331N 7805CT 309KC 74HC4538E 74HC04AN 2065B 2917N-8 7416N 74LS374N 74S182N 7812CT 6361N 145406P 74HC02N 74121N 6167LP 311T 7905ACT 6144BIN 7808 485CN8 234Z-6 2037A 7812CT 2804A 27C128-15 27C128-25 7406N 7406PC 7406N 27C256-55DC 8049AH 837N 74LS05N 11235 1851N 0808LCN 7805CV 340T-12 7812CT 334Z 723CH 0032G/883C 8001301ZC 74LS139B1 7805C 74HCT04N 845P 27128A 3080 2764-25JL 485CN8 20L10CNS 4560P 340T-5 74LS123N 311D (DIP) -old 7824CT 74HC352N 74LS244N 74LS244N 74LS244N 79L15 082CP 7405NA 74LS245N 74LS245N 74LS245N 74LS245N 27128A-2DC 2876TF 5088N 309H 309H 74LS112PC 442CN 340T-15 27C512-15F1 340T-5 340T-5 340T-5 340T-5 7812CV 18751 74LS90N 74LS90N 74S151N 565CN 565CN 7806CT 7806CT 7806CT 2917N 1310N 7052 311P 072CN 5821A 4093BE 8253C-2 54HCT245F 74C927N 54121J/BCAJC 5490AJ/883C 74C922N 58167AN 319N 0840004PSC 27C010-200V10 54LS390J 93C46D 14016BCP 74HC14N 7810CKC 6500 74LS04NDS 2876TF 7404N 7404N 7404N 3082F 7406N 7406N 7406N 5534P 74LS32B1 74LS32B1 082CD 4017BCN 4017BCN 54LS241J/883B 504A 7473N 74LS08N 74LS08N 74LS74AN 25LC640-I/SN 6116AE2 6116ALP-10 6116ALP-12 4049BP 2907N 2907N 3096E 7809 7230P 74LS374N 4605-3 74LS374N 74HC14N 2003 27C800-100F1 7402PC 7818CV 74HC14N 7610 7259CP 8263BH 3042-III 7805CT 14001BCP 2004A 14017BCP 4060BE 323K/STEEL 2878P 386N-1 145106P 3001D 11L1 4053BP 1877N-9 4093BE 78L15ACP 7824CT 82S126N(PROG) 7915CT 7915CT 7915CT 10422 074CN 27C512-15F1 7815CT 7409N 74192N 74LS393N 5534N 74LS245N 74LS245N 74LS245N 74194N 301ACJ 301ACJ 845KN 22150FC 6321N 826AN 01FP 512BR 12F629ISN 74HCT221M 284FS 1021CV33-15ZC 14C89AN 02HP 8610AR 3478MM 3486N 211P 320C44PDB50 780BN 2152L 7815CD2TR4 25 25 9831AST 74LVC573APWR 74LVC125APWR 817AN 74AC00N 4622CP 74HCT86E 7801BR 16C73-20/SP 8001AR 8031BR 74ACT1100N 605AR 74AC541DW 7220SLB15PF 590JH 74F125D 87700HVC 74ACT245DW 811AR-16 71124S20Y 74LS194AN 1875T 2110S 87033BPD 74HCT4046AE 68692C1A44 10H350FN 6100A 7200L25J 12040P 740LC68-15 711KN 2918SW 74F175PC 74HC4040E 827JN 790JN 7200L25TP 74F251APC 7201LA50TP 508AKN 781JN 74F161APC 605AU 27C4001-10C1 74F541N 514100AZ-60 557JN 1765-DPD8C 7216L55J 74F151APC 7134SA55P 7969-125DC 10107P 74HCT21E 27C010-150DC 27C512-90DC 75C1406N 7847JN 7572AJN03 3030-100PC68C 27C512-120JC 608BN 608BN 740LC44-15 14C88N 9220AR 9220AR 9220AR 1648P 74F38PC 74F125N 7812ACT 7912ACV 5HC418-P 20RA10B-20LP 2601 78L05ACZ 711KR 74HC221N 328AD 614AN 614AN 74AC377SC 74HCT377N 74HCT08E 2732A-2F1 74HCT154EN 74HCT151E 74F574PC 74ACT574DN 797AN 74HCT574AE 7820KN 847JN 74HCT173E 74HCT164E 555CP 74HCT02N 74F74PC 9740ARU 7133LA45J 74HC74AM 780AN 10H125P 7705AIP 10114P 311N 74HCT4040E 7-2625-5 22V10D-25LP 713JN 586JR 1016MJ8 74F163APC 1247BCEE 10H158FN 3691N 74HC541ADW 1247BCPE 74HCT04E 74HCT221N 1254CN 1254CN 74HC76N 701CSA 848AQ 74HCT688E 74HCT245E 74HCT00N 10H101FN 74HCT374E 74HCT191N 433-40PC 1000M-500 74HCT157E 74HCT32E 74HC574ADW 74F245N 74HCT161N 74HCT138N 74HC74AD 74HCT30E 74HCT40103E 74HC125AD 26LS31PC 082CP 082CP 082CP 1875T 334Z 93C46N 4558P 71024S20Y 7200L25TP 7202LA35TP 425-30PC 74HCT74N 74HCT74N 101UA-3.3 6628 27C256DC-90 3886TF 7815CV 8088 071CP 74121N 7809CV 7805CT 14543BCP 4962A 7404N 685L 340T-12 340T-12 395T 1-201-5 318H 311H 74LS192N 74LS03N 74LS03N 74AS244N 74S38N 74S38N 74F157PC 74S74PC 74S74N 74S74N 74S74N 74S74N 74S74N 74S74N 54LS27J/883C 54S37J/BCAJC 54LS161ADMQB 341T-12 7806CT 340AT-5.0P+ 7908UCQR 337T 1558J 8749HD 2732A-2 27128A20 27C010-150 24 74LS193N 783CKC 29517ADC 105AN 7912UC 8400PS 84C0006PSD 2941CTP+ 84C0010PEC 7824CT 7924KCQR 54LS74A/BCA 320K-5.0P+ 348N 7824CT 309K/STEEL 1709CG 311G 308H 308H 308H 7812CT 318N 9300N 723C 8156 8156 8156PC 78L05ACP 336BZ-2.5 336Z-2.5 7405N 74LS74PC 74HC74N 1489AN 1488 74LS112PC 082CP 082CP 14L4CN 16R6CN 16R6ACN 14L4-2CN 14L4NC 16RCCN 75138N 3080E 836 14060BCP 8255AP-5 2004AN 74LS279AN 7472N 34065P 7806CK 1925 395T 27C64 317T T/D 3914N 5L8284AP 82S100N 139J 8288 317HVK/STEEL P+ 317HVK/STEEL P+ 317HVK/STEEL P+ 1558H/883C 74LS08N 3916N 74173J 74LS08N 393N 7410N 7812CT 7812CT 7812CT 7912CT 1289 74LS10N 54121J-MIL 54LS51J/BCAJC 54ALS541J 54LS175J 927 74LS14N 74LS14N 74LS14N 74LS14N 74LS14N 74LS14N 74181R 74LS283N 74LS06 556N 74C04N 536AJD 7912CT 8237AC-5 82530 320T-5.0P+ 4861 324NDS 2003 3086TD 3086 398N 3916N 8237A 1741SCP1 14028BCL 74LS74PC 74LS74APC 7406N 34064D-5 351N 351N 14081BCP 232A 3120NC HM 82S135N 6101Q 7530JN 9517A-4PC 74LS156ND 137 137 358N 7416N 7416N 7416N 2907N 74LS266N 74LS193N 74LS193N 14049UBCP 120S 78L10 6107Q 6106Q 3120JC 723DC 8820J 78L15CP 74196N 1723CP 74S10PC 7405PC 084IN 8086-2 723CE 1741CP 74HCT273N 592N 136 136 136 136 07DN/+ 1310N 78L15ACM 75108AN 1489P 1489P 74181PC 75451BP 74LS157PC 723CN 74H01A 2901N 2901N 3000 7815CT 74HC259N 74C08N 74HC08N 74128N 74128N 7432N 41256P-15 2E 347N 74HC123P 117K/STEEL/883B 7406N 74S240N 74S194DC 74S194N 723CN 723CN 723CN 723CN 741CN 2708 2708C 135 4501DG253 4501DG253 9601PC 10104 74H04N 011(H04N) 74H04 74S86N 10109LD 7815CT 387AN 311N 8085A 7406N 2716D 2910APC 2211CP 4264-20 3906 3086TD 347N 79M12CT 78L05ACZ 29FCT520AP 1415 2114AL-1 8748H 43256C-12 63C09EP 748CN 444C-6514 82S23N PROG. 27S29PC PROG. 74HCT74N 7660CPA 7660CPA 1010-AL05-05 360N 1S52 306P 1801N 0820CNEN 370AJ 123CB 74ALS640AN 74C174N 74C175N 0804LCN 0804LCN 74LS374N 1723G 709HM 582H 1455G 748HC 741CN 748CN 3909N 8430APS 8237AC-5 340T-5 7809CV 7806CV 78M05CT 79M05C 7808CT 14584BCP 74LS86NDS 74LS86N 5407J 74S244N 74LS74BI 1489P 1489P 74HC273N 74S02PC 14584BCP 348N 348N 74C14N 74C14N 7404N 74156N 7432N 7402PC 74HC03N 3081 74S20PC 74C922N 74LS279N 74LS125AP 7432N 2907N 74LS20N 74LS74AN 74LS74AN 3900N 74HC00N 74HCT04E 74LS04N 1488N 8127DC 16L2ANC 4053BP 377N 6167P-8 1489P 74C04N 74HC193D 74HC04D 3080 3080 74HCTLS240N 74C914N 74C914N 74C914N 74HC160N 4094BE 14511BCP 4098BE 71051C 74158N 848P 27C1001-10F1 27C1001-10F1 27C1001-10F1 3914N 3914N 8199 338K/STEEL P+ 338K/STEEL 338K/STEEL 338K/STEEL 338K/STEEL 338K/STEEL 27C64A-20F1 33063AP1 34071P 34071P 667CPA 358N 690CPA 690CPA 690CPA 12074P 6242B 606JNZ 4047BE 317TU 317T 317T 68HRC908JK1CP 2931CT 4047BE 274CN 5452N 5451BN 5451BN 62C51864L-70P 24C256-10PC 27C256-12JL 4332BE 1468705F2S 5486N 5451YN 37 10393 16C505-04/P 5452N 2903N 74HC139AN 74HC139N 74HC139N 74HC161N 27C64Q-200 74HC4046N 74HC4046N 74HC4046N 74HC14AP 74HC14AP 74HC14N 74HC14N 7905CT 4040BCN 74HC373AN 7446AN 74HC138N 74HCU04N 74HC08N 78L05CP 1042V 74HC161N 74HC161N 74HC14AP 74HC14AP 74HC14AN 74HC373AP 24C04PC 74C74N 74C74N 74C74N 1171 2574N-5.0 2574N-5.0P+ 27C4001-10F1 27C4001-10F1 6821P 6821P 7474N 8212N 325B/J-1 16R4-20MWB 16L8-15MJB 10102P 74154D 54LS04J/883QS 74LS83AN 708TAR 9041AP 708SCSA 25C320/SN 231CPD 2941ABU 8346ARU 1220Y 776HC 635ACPA 74ACTQ573 7160LC84-20 74FCT16827ATPV 10H124FN 2292S-L27 1233 38510/33201BRA 7806ACT 27C64A-20F1 68882FN16A 46821P 780C-1 63S141J 4N26 8279-5 7064STC44-10 68000FN12 68882FN25A 101/0S30 7096LC84-15 82596CA25 68901FN 8408FS 74HC4040AN 7809CT 419BR 330-5 330T-5 320K-5.0P+ 6208CP25 1225AD 8320ARP 1109AR 5504ML 1602P 27GZ 469CJ 320T-5 309K 12887A 1086CM-3.3 78M12CDT 5810A 0032G 521MC 4010-5PG191C 549IP 1232L 7224KN 8282LC84-3 307AAK 159OG 7202A-35JC 2918SW 2172T 145488FN 822S 6000 65C22P3 7203A-50JC 87C51B 87C51 54BCT126AJ 40174BF3A 22V10AMJTB 610PC-25T 8255AC-2 521JD 101/0S30 1741P1 74FCT652ATS0 726AID 3083 65C02P3 561KN 14515BCP 3775 232CPE 710HM 79GKC 1024X8-70 6264LP-15 444CN 1220Y 1220Y 74LS373N 74LS373N 1225AD 17F-2 658128ALP-10 PA0229 427CPA 3843AN 117K/STEEL P+ 7555IPA 7812AECT 0033G 27C1001-10F1 74 68901FN 628128LFP-7 07CS 8156 521N 644JH 628128LP-12 1-201-5 62256BLP-10 74 555CJ 1225Y-200 2018-70PC68C 74192N 6264AP-15 7528JN 58167BN 7581JN 427CPA 7555IPA 3240E 9118NL 64180RP-6 27C512R-90PC 747ADM 65C22-02PC 5707A 2501L-1 6847P 713JN 93C46N 0804LCN 2187S 6264ALJ-10 342P5.0 646/11787 38510/13503BGA 6006AS 574ATD 815MM-QL 7206L30DB 770CSA 5586DIM 5962-8997401PA 07CS 6088659-4 37GN8 8068DC 555C 38510/10104BGA 68HC811E2/EP2YC 8243/B 03AJ/883 4424AT 0002H 9617AQ 9618AQ 109K/STEEL/883C 160AZ 320K-5.0 621SG 4N24 842JN 844AN 7968-125V/BXA 74C908N 74FCT652TSO 660CN 8529AR 7211AMIQH-D 84C9008VSC 75189AJ 42EZ 469CJ 7968-125DC 0026H 120K-5.0/883C 38510/10304BGC 1875J/883C 7MC 505BMM 9901KQ 9572-TQ100AEM 01-6TD 1232L 903D 5962-8997401PA 38510/34604BRA 56002FC66 6264ALP-10 7216L25G 7905KC 523C 7024L25G 74132N 74LVT16245 9042BP 0032G 412AK 1084CT 0026H 323K/STEEL 109K/STEEL P+ 140K-12/883C 03AJ/883 109K/STEEL/883C 7303BR 79L05UA 156H/883QS 324N 324N 324N 324N 340T-5 7805CT 119J/883C 74LS221N 2918SW 1084CP 74ACT7802-60FN 74LS374N 20L8ACNS 7135CN 74FCT162245ATPV 7303BR 8321AR 7650 4344/BCBJC 448LC-25A 2350 83905AGLF 74LS92N 9042CP 8403601JA 1455P1 74LS244N 8530APC 14051BCPDS 581C 1458P1 74ALS38AN 74HC4040N 495GP 2817A 8035 74FCT16374ATPV 224J 74HC02N 68000LC10 74C14N 1403U 7542GKN 662CN 49FCT805TPB 30 1267-010 2804A 74F240D 7705ACD 26LS29/BEA 7808 79M08A 7202LA25SO 5962-9052801MXA 75115N 4502BE 14066BCP 16C452FN 74ALS541DW 58725P 7621BCSA 339PC 75154PC 74ABT273ADB 74AS245DW 4051ACEE 74LS240N 74LS260N 74FCT2573TPA 5C2568DJ-25 58257P-70L 41256C-80 403DJ 361N 48LC1M16A1TG7SE 161J/883B 161J/883C 68450RC10 7824UC 317J 124AWG/883Q 14093BCP 2018-70PG84B 5116-10 PJU05K 1709L 68HC811E2/EP2YC 7211AMIPL 8274 8212 8276 58257AP-12L 658128ALP-10 7201AC 7212AMIPL 6206CJ25 556CN 2222 4156M 5037N 1232CPA 747CN 0811BCV 99C10A-70JC 3517 6803L-1 851P 555N 555N 555N 2908PC 5116-12 71051C 1021DCS8-10 58174AN 442CN 43256AC-10L 8020 8751H 7201C 74HCT244DW 7135CPI 7135CN 68020RC20E 75173N 681000ALP-7 81C1000-80P 8742AH 74ALS521DW 43256BGU-55LL 7912CT 556CN 27C1024-150DC 628128LFP-7 5962-8852506ZA 29116DC 2217-33KC 44C256BP-8 74 707CSA 29C010A-15PC 416400ADJ-60 26C31MJ/883QS 49FCT3805S 7C1021V33-12VC 3232CSE 38510/33001BCA 201ACJ 3023 80C51BH 201AKN 2 303ACJ 338K/STEEL 1013MJ8 200ACK 1013MJ8/883C 2176 2691AC1A28 22V10H-10JC/5 22V10H-10JC/5 1180ACSW 7905.2CT 49FCT806ADB 2711 1033CT 285BXZ-1.2 2940A3.3BU 7C199-12VC 1841J 2670S-3.3 2402 2991S 2631 2631 80C85AH 2444P 1468R 54S20J/BCAJC 54S20J/BCAJC 8641N 3-8910A 8131ARMZ 27C512-250DC 2505-2 28F020A-150JC 80C186-16 139BP 809LEUR-T 49FCT807TSA 2454 16V8D-15QJ 0832LCN 5450N 3526J 29C983JC 107J/883C 358H 27C256-120JC 27C010-12JC 11C3 80C51BH 54AHCT240J 1842AJ 38510/00205BCA 117AH/883C 2522-8 11J1 1000Z-35 514256AP80 80C152JB 80C152JA 3847N 3886TF 2691AC1N24 Mar-13 1052CN8 28C64P-25 347N 1180AISW 139J 691CWE 27C240-12JL 340S-12 22V1015KMB 74ALVCH244AD 117 75176BP 10E131FN 12CLK 3020 84C0010VEC 7C136-35JC 7C136-35JC 27C010-200V10 3030-70PC84C 4801AN-2 1408L6 662AIM 8286 7665SCPA 385M-2.5 75160BN 7805UC 82C88 32KHZ 556CN 7660CPA 33164D 35 3553AM 2070B 1674KN 1842AJ 5800A 3845N 3842AD 7211AMIPL 2716-1F1 331N 201CJ 201CJ 158J 1136ACSW 2691AC1D24 3022 1079CN 731 10H016L 10H016L 28F010-120 1852D 7C285-85WC 2716 1526AJ/883B 140K-15 2940A-5.0BU 2940A-5.0BU 190AP 2572D 93C56-10SI2.7 235CPG 3486P 3486P 2181A 2180A 2305SC-1H 4171S 2065B 3467 3467 1853CD3 201ACJ 2940A-3.3BU 860PZP66D3 52425YBJ-80 29C010A-15PC 1033CT 2940A5.0BU 38510/10101BGB 156H 24C04B-PU 2885 2785 2631-300E 10524/BEAJC 1527 2817A-350 074ACJ 28C64P-25 581020J-45 2817 2330ATM 16C54-XTI/SO 16C54A-04I/SI 22V10-25LNC 2180 1012MD 54FCT573CTDB 10H350FN 7C31026-10JC 54ACT240DMQB 7107CPL 2661CC1N28 7107CPL 49FCT804TSA 37102BM 2016C-12 2016C-12 1490P 358AN 4638EUE 26Z091 23EP09ZX1-1H 54S189F 10H105L 2817 2864BDC 28C256N 2070B 3000 1012NLT 2732A-4 1114 6651EEE+ 6651EEE+ 1617ADS 49FCT3805S0 1014CN 2685 211CJ 2941CS 2151 358EWE 27C101AFP-20 3843AD 3843AD 1129CST-5 3021 54S74J 4164-15NL 1723CL 27C2048-150DC 7C187-45PC 28F010-200 27C128JL 2864BDC 1051ACJ8 24C32N-10SC2.5 7211AMIPL 660CN 8085AH 6100 3260E 27C64-120DC 2516-45JM 8085AC 2732DC 8276 8279C-2 628128LP-7 1666S-050 4051BCN 8032AH 26 10125L 200ACJ 37EP 570JD 318N 3021 2070B 56ADC16S 101/NAND32 8282C 76C256AL-70 4097BE 7107CPL 3243CDBG4 65865 7135CPI 62256ALP-8 514256B-70 137 6 82596SX-20 74LCX16244CPA 4093BE 75174N 5962-9222205MRA 5962-9222205MRA 74LS21NS 26V12H-15JC/4 26LS33/BEA 14071BCPDS 74HC74AN 2997MX/NOPB 6402IPL 25LC320-I/SN 1496DR2 74HCT157E 7C261-35LMB 11B2 74HC244N 74HC00N 26LS31CD 4049AE 20R4BCFN 74HC4538BE 14076BCP 38510/37401BCA 74F194N 74LS133N 4017BE 74HC175D 508ACJ 556N 6206P45 271ACP 75174D 2309SC-1H 25L4BCD 82C59A 74HCT645DW 750C-15JC 49C460EJ 358P 38054FNL 74ACT16543 74F827N 200ACA 200ABA 2330ATMB 8612912PSC 74FCT273P 74HC590AN 74HCT244DWR 145406P 8S18020VSC 5336-KS 4070BE 25C040-I/P 74FCT374ATSO 75174N 1747CL 556CN 62256L-70PC 4022BD 5962-8968101RA 78L05CP 3456P 74HC05D 10H116FN 74174N 4264-20 4538BCN 28C256P 10124L 74LS125AN 2177-3.3BWM 416C1200CJ-6 5K4164ANP-15 7200-35JC 24C01A-10SC 1488P 1963EQ-1.8 145557P 7201LA50P 29841PC 7990PC-80 25LS2521PC 7099S-20J 8156-2 74LS51N 74HC05D 349N 74F5074D 1121CS8 6516L-10PC 74LS259N 10E016FN 7B162-15DMB 5962-89510012A 51031YD8 7007-S55JI 4136D/883B 27C256-120DC 27512DC 27512 517 2901BPC 75154N 2700-35JC 62256A-25RC 4050BCN 25C040-I/P 74HC4538B1 16R6ACN 20V8QS-25LNC 74F823N 54ALS133J 400 2501LX 74ALS74AD 29C823APC 74FCT245TS0 7968-125DC 74LS74AN 17512LPC 4C4256DJ-8 8320ARP 74HC4060N 74HC4060N 1736DSC 4264-15 74HCT240DW 22V10-25LNC 1723L 358P 74LS75N 3243CAI 74HC05D 74ABT245BN 856KPJ 77B3640AGB-45 360N 6651EEE+ 16L8-25 74HC175D 74HC374N 74HC74AN 1372CS8 2903N 4264-10 27C512-120JC 74HC02N 74151AN 7400N 7400N 602NE 74LVT244MTC 3487P 2114AL-2 541IN 74LVC16244APA 431CP 9602PC 6115CBZA 74LS374N 74ABT543ADW 431ACD 311N 74HC4066E 74FCT543TS0 14516BCP 27C256-12DC 74HC273DW 14093BCP 359CWE 74F04N 74ALS244B 74FCT16374TPV 75115N 8048AH/0797 7201AL-80FC 8226 74F74N 340S-12P+ 27C010-150JC 74HC4511N 145406AP 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